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OUR CURRICULUM - Click on the side links and links at the foot of this page for more information.

(We are in the process of reviewing our curriculum - we will announce changes in readiness for September 2019)

At Killinghall CE Primary School we create a joined up approach to the curriculum that develops the right learning pathways for the children of our school and our locality. September 2014 saw the implementation of a new curriculum and new assessment methods.

We aim to develop the global citizens of the future by creating a community that nurtures ambitions and aspirations, builds resilience and enables children to seize opportunities to learn. We aim to give children the knowledge and competencies to thrive within a both a locally and globally generated curriculum. As a Church of England school spiritual and moral consideration takes high priority in all that we plan and do. Along with this we also incorporate healthy lifestyles into our work with the children. These aspects cross the whole curriculum and are embraced by all the ‘curriculum drivers’.

We seek curriculum themes which will excite, inspire and motivate learning at all ages. The children are very involved in shaping both the creation and development of themes and we encourage responsibility and independence from a very early age. The two year cycle creates a whole school over arching theme which is then split into specific aspects for each class.

The school delivers an exciting range of learning experiences through a broad based, balanced curriculum.  This is planned thematically on a two year cycle, taking into account HMI and Department for Education recommendations, National Curriculum (English, Mathematics, Art, Music, History, Geography, PE, Science, Design Technology, Computing, Modern Languages [French] and Religious Education)  and the specific needs and interests of our pupils.

Over the last year we have engaged in major curriculum innovation that takes advantage of the flexibility of Curriculum 2014 whilst also meeting statutory requirements that ensure the national entitlement for every child.

We have developed our school curriculum having adopted:

  • A transformational approach to the way we design our curriculum that engages all stakeholders

  • A collective moral purpose where good quality relationships are developed involving high levels of trust, honesty and mutual respect.

  • A partnership that creates space and opportunities that enable innovative working that promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school, and prepares our children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

  • A philosophy that gives access to the right opportunities, experiences and support to ensure that children achieve.

  • An area based curriculum that places Killinghall at the centre of learning to create an ‘enabling environment’ where local collaboration with local businesses, heritage and cultural organisations, voluntary groups, faith communities and parents can flourish for the benefit of our children.

Click here for Basic 2 year cycle overview of themes

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If you would like to know more about any aspects of our curriculum please contact the school.