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We employ 'Junior Jam' teachers to deliver weekly iMedia sessions. these have been designed so that schools can experience a range of specially designed lessons that have cross curricula benefits and utilise Apple iPads. Not only does this mean that the children are taught be skilled computing experts but also  that iPads and any other equipment is provided by Junior Jam for the sessions. The sessions they are delivering this term are:

KS 1 My First Song and My Song    

This is an introduction to basic song writing skills using the Apps ‘Star Composer’ and ‘GarageBand’. Children will work initially as a class creating a class song before moving into pairs or small groups to create a short composition using a variety of instruments and sounds available within the Apps.This is an introduction to basic song writing skills using the 'GarageBand' App. Tempo will be addressed, both in relation to musical genre and how it affects the feel and impact of a song. Musical and rhythmical patterns will be developed and students will appraise each other's work with a view to implementing changes and improving their compositions.

Key Learning outcomes: Understanding Song Structure, Tempo, Rhythm, Melodic Patterns and Evaluation Skills
Understanding Tempo, Rhythm, Melodic Patterns and Evaluation Skills.

KS 2 Mt First Band and Dance Music    

Participants will begin by listening to a variety of popular dance music styles and analysing key elements that distinguish one genre from another. These findings will then be applied when pupils create a short composition in their chosen genre. Elements such as dynamics and pitch will be explored and applied to compositions. The concept of the 'Audio Spectrum' will be introduced and participants will begin to use stereo-panning and level controls to improve their music's balance and texture.
Pupils will learn about a selection of different styles of popular music from the past 60 years and be tasked with creating their own versions using the App ‘GarageBand’. Children will learn how to recognise different instruments and sounds associated with different genres.

Key Learning outcomes: Understanding Genre, Song Structure, Dynamics, Instrumentation, Pitch and Texture