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We teach geography through our theme based curriculum, following the National Curriculum 2014, to ensure that full coverage for all children is planned over a 2 year cycle.  

The children are taught geographical skills and knowledge in KS1, to use maps, atlases, globes and compasses, to know the names of countries and continents.  We aim to extend children’s interest, knowledge and understanding of people and places both near and far, giving them a real depth of understanding. 

As part of our local area curriculum, children are all involved in local investigations such as surveys, looking at the local river, historical buildings using simple maps, the use of stone in the village, and changes in the locality through building projects.  Children are encouraged to think deeply about the environment in which they live and the impact of changes. As part of the school’s driver, ‘Our’ place in ‘Our’ World, the children look at the scarce resources that the Earth provides upon which all life depends and how humans have impacted upon these. We encourage the children to have an awareness of how their actions can detrimentally affect the geographical environmental.