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Information for Parents & Carers

We do our best to involve parents and carers as much as possible in children's learning. We hold regular information evenings to ensure that parents have as much infromation about what is happening in school as possible. This means that parents are able to support their children at home effectively.

We value parental views and have an 'open door' policy. We welcome parents into school and value their opinons.

Parents and relatives regularly help both in school and on visits.

If you have a concern or worry please come in and speak to the staff or the Headteacher.

We have adopted the NYCC complaints procedure if you feel that this is necessary please use the link below:


You may find the following links helpful in ensuring that children are kept safe:



Internet Matters  

Parent Zone  


Parents Protect

Further information can also be found in the Internet Safety link.

Please also see the links in the About Us section of the website as this contains useful information to help parents too.