Wider Curriculum Learning WB 18.01.21

13 Jan 2021

Hi Unicorns,

On this page you will find all of the learning for the other areas of the curriculum. Remember, I will be teaching the KUW session on Tuesday and the RE session on Wednesday, so please don't complete this work before then. You will also notice that there is no work on this page for Thursday afternoon, that is because I will be teaching the literacy session then.

Enjoy your learning!

Monday - PE and PSED 
L.O. To set a goal and work towards it.
We follow the Jigsaw scheme for our PSED teaching. The children complete one activity per week based around their personal, social and emotional development. 
First, watch this video about Elmo and talk to a grownup about what happens. How was Elmo feeling? What did he want to do at first? Have you ever thought about giving up because something was hard?
Sometimes we find things hard but we want to get better at them, e.g. writing or riding a bike. This is called setting a goal. Talk to a grown up or an older sibling about what setting goals means. Then have a go at the goal setting task attached below.
After you complete the task think about and answer these questions. What will happen if we don’t try and give up easily on everything? What would you do? How can you achieve your goal?
PSED  worksheet

Total Sports will be providing our PE sessions from now on. Follow the link here to find your lesson for this week. This week there is a pirate theme!

Tuesday - KUW (I will be introducing this lesson on zoom at 2:00pm)
L.O. To identify features of a polar habitat and locate them on a globe.
*To complete the activty part of this lesson you will need some marshmallows or cotton wool and a plastic bottle*
This week we will be learning about polar habitats. We are going to identify the north and the south pole on a world map and identify some features of them. We will also learn about how some animals have adapted to survive in these conditions. This knowledge will prepare us for the literacy learning on Thursday.
Watch the video attached here for an introduction to polar regions. This song might help you to remember the polar regions too. I will then introduce some facts about polar habitats on our zoom meeting.
Once you have completed this then you are ready to go and explore one of these habitats! When we go to a polar habitat it would be very cold so will have to build a shelter. The shelter we are going to make is called an igloo. Please follow the link here to find out how to build your igloo. Once you have done this then you can send a picture of your igloo to me.
Polar habitat ppt

Wednesday - Mrs Parker's RE (I will be introducing this lesson on zoom at 1:00pm)
L.O. To understand that Christians believe that the name of god is very precious.
RE lesson
Decorating template

Friday - Music
You will find the music file for this week on our teams page.

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