Wider Curriculum Learning WB 22.02.21

19 Feb 2021

Hi Unicorn class,

Here you will find the wider curriculum learning for this week. Please note that I will teach the RE session on Wednesday at 1pm and the Knowledge and Understanding of  the World lesson on Thursday this week at 2pm. If you have any questions then please drop me an email. If you would like any of the worksheets printed out for you then please let me know and we can organise this.
Enjoy your learning!

Miss C

Monday - PSED and PE
L.O. To identify some of the jobs I do in my family.
Have a look at some pictures of different families linked here, what do you notice about them? Are they the same or different to your family? What is a family?
Just like the adults in our families have jobs (working/making lunch boxes/giving baths) to look after the family, we have jobs too. What do we think your job in our family is/should be?
THINK activity - What would happen if no one did their jobs?
Once you have done this print out the picture frame attached here and decorate it how you like. Once you have finished you could stick a photo of your family in the middle or draw a picture of them.

Here is the link for the PE for this week.

Wednesday - RE
L.O. To learn about what happened on Palm Sunday.
Here is the powerpoint and activities for this week. I will teach this lesson on Wednesday at 1pm.

Thursday - Knowledge and Understanding of the World
L.O. To explain changes that happen in spring and create a spring collage.
I will teach this lesson at 2pm today. We are going to be looking for all the signs of spring in this lesson and we are going to explain these changes that happen. 
I will post the powerpoint for this lesson later on in the week in case you cannot make the live lesson. You can talk through the powerpoint with an adult and discuss the signs of spring that you can see. Then you can identify the spring pictures and explain to your grown up how you know this.
After this we are going to create our own sping collage using pictures and natural objects we have found out on our daily walks.To complete this activity you will need paper, glue, scissors and some spring objects.

Friday - Music
I will link the music learning here later on in the week.
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