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Home Learning WB 11.01.21

06 Jan 2021

Hi Unicorns,

I hope you had a good first week and enjoyed your home learning. I have attached the home learning for this week. Please look at the timetable for the suggested order of teaching. If you have any questions about any aspect of the learning then please send me an email. You can add photos of children's work over the week onto the teams assignment page. If you have any problems with printing the worksheets please send me an email and we can sort out hard copies of the work.

Please watch the Read, Write, Inc videos on Youtube each day (please review the Useful Help Documents section of the unicorn area for a guide to use this). The videos are uploaded onto Youtube every day at 9:30. You should watch the speed sound lesson (either set 1 or set 2) then the accompanying spelling or word time video which will come on immediately after the speed sound video. Please follow the link here to find the RWI Ruth Miskin page.

The sounds for this week are as follows;

Monday 11th 
Set 1 - t
Set 2 – oo – poo at the zoo

Tuesday 12th 

Set 1 - i
Set 2 – oo – look at a book 

Wednesday 13th 
Set 1 - n
Set 2 - ar                              
Thursday 14th 
Set 1 - p
Set 2 - or                             
Friday 15th 
Set 1 - g
Set 2 - air                         

If you would like to do any extra phonics with your child I have attached some set 1 phonics sheets below. Please note this is only an extra.
Phonics crossword
Phonics read and race
Phonics activites

Literacy (I will be introducing this on Tuesday PM zoom)
For our literacy this week we will be looking at the story 'Lost and Found'. You can find a link to video/movie of this story here. I will also be reading the story during the Monday morning zoom session. Once you have watched the story have a think about the character of the penguin. What does he look like? Think about how we could describe the penguin e.g. he is black and white. Make a list of these words. Once you have done this you are going to create a lost poster for the penguin. You can write a list of words on your poster or you can try to write a couple of sentences (I would advise parents of children in guided reading group A to write some words and children in guided reading group B to have a go at a couple of sentences).
Try to remember to use your phonics to help you sound out before asking for help from an adult. You can use the phonics sound card attached here (set 1) and here (set 2) to help you if you forget any of the sounds. 
Lost poster template
ptional extra literacy

In maths we will be following the White Rose maths home learning scheme. Each week there are 5 videos and activities based around a mathematical concept. Each lesson has a short video introducing the activity for that day which the children can watch mostly independently. There is then an activity attached to this video for children to complete afterwards. Most of the activities are practical but some will need printing out. If you need any help with printing we can do this for you at school for you to collect.
This week the children will be completing the 'Alive in Five' theme and we will be completing week 1. Please follow the link below to find the week of work. This week children will learn about the number zero and compare numbers within 5. 
Alive in Five learning link

Complete a couple of these activities.
Joe Wicks - a new Youtube video on every day
Go Noodle - lots of fun videos to join along with, we do this in school most days
Harrogate Schools Sports Partership - Lots of resources for home
Cosmic Kids - yoga videos for children


Please find the RE tasks from Mrs Parker for this week attached below.
RE work

Knowledge and Understanding of the World
(I will be introducing this on Thursday PM zoom)
This week as part of our winter learning we will be learning about the difference between hot and cold weather and how it can affect our bodies. We will plan what to take with us on a hot and cold holiday. I will be introducing this activity on zoom on Thursday afternoon. After the zoom complete the worksheet attached below. Sort the pictures into winter and summer and then draw a picture of someone dressed for the winter. If you want a challenge you can label the clothes on your picture.
Winter/summer sorting


We follow the Jigsaw scheme for our PSED teaching. The children complete one activity per week based around their personal, social and emotional development.
The activity this week is based around perseverence. Ask an adult to help you find out what this word means. Complete the task attached below, you might need a little help from a grown up. After you complete the task think about and answer the questions with a grown up or if you have any older brothers or sisters you could talk to them about it too.
Jigsaw activity

Weekly Challenge 

Sometimes in the winter it snows, when this happens lots of people like to go out with their sledges and slide around in the snow. Can you use some materials you can find at home to create a sledge for one of your toys? You can use whatever materials you want. Please send a picture of this in during the week. I am looking forward to seeing your creations!

Please find the link for the music video on the unicorn class page on teams.

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