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13 Jan 2021
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Wider curriculum Home learning WC 18th January

13 Jan 2021

Hi Dragon class

Below you will find the work for the wider curriculum for the week. 
I have again set assignments on teams for you to upload your work on to. 

I have also set out each day to carry out the work. This will then link in with the zoom sessions I am running on afternoon. 
Thursday and Friday is a little messy just because of the zooms with guided reading and the wider subjects. So I have tried to explain my best how to fit in. Don't worry too much just do when you can just please keep the science until after the zoom on Wednesday and history until after the zoom on Thursday. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy these sessions, you are doing great so far smiley

Monday- 1:00pm- Zoom catch up/ questions (no teaching)
L:O- To be able to talk about the importance of Abraham to Judaism. 
I am ever so sorry but the link to Oak academy has stopped working for this lesson. I have managed to find a You Tube link and a Powerpoint that links to what we were looking at. From the story I would like you to make a story map that shows the journey that Abraham went on. Start withe the beginning of the story then pout the key events on, you can draw these as pictures. 

Total Sports video- Pirate PE (YouTube video with one of the external coaches)

Tuesday- Art
L:O- To be able to use a chosen material to recreate an artists work.
Using the same image as last week. I would like you to have a go at recreating his art work. you can choose what you use to make it. It may be pencil, felt tips or paint. You decide but make sure you tell me what you used to recreate it. 
What did you find easy? What was tricky about recreating it? Did you use a ruler to keep your lines straight? 

See the source image

Wednesday- Science (zoom 1:00pm) Please keep science work until after the zoom 
L:O- To be able to begin describing the properties of different materials. 
Here is the powerpoint I used on zoom if you missed it. 
Your activity is to choose 3 materials and write a sentence/ words to describe that materials property. Use some of the words we used on zoom.

Thursday- PSHE
L:O- I can talk about something I want to achieve and think how I might do it.
On your coin this week I would like you to think about something you want to achieve in the next week. Set yourself something small that can be done. It might be make a cake, walk a mile. On the other side of your coin I would like you to write one way that could help you achieve this. So if mine was to make a cake, to achieve this I need to buy the ingredients or find a recipe. 
Coin template
(Guided Reading B- 1:15)
History/Theme Zoom 1:45- Please don't do the history work until after the zoom session or wait until Friday. If you want to do it after the zoom that is fine, please do the PSHE on Friday. Key workers in school will be doing History on Thursdays after the zoom then PSHE on Friday (just for those whose days change)

Friday- History/Theme or PSHE if you didn't do on Thursday.
History L:O To be able to describe Victorian toys and compare them to modern toys. 
Using what we learnt in the zoom session on Thursday (heres the powerpoint) I would like you to compare Victorian toys to modern toys.
Choose some toys to compare- one must be Victorian and one must be modern. Think about how they are similar/ different, their materials and who plays with them.
I have put a link to some worksheets here. There are 3 to choose from so have a go at the one you would like. 
Extra challenge- Make your own Victorian game/toy.

Music- We now have link that will take you to a file with the music videos in. Follow this link, it brings you to music, then for this week select WEEK 2, then choose KH Music Year 1 Pitch video lesson.

Sharing 1:30

I hope that makes sense!

Optional- Computing
Use the ilearn2 website and input this code A526. It will then bring up digital art. Have a go at watching the activity 1 video and then the mosaic activity. 
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