Home-School Work (w.c. 19/10/20)
18 Oct 2020
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10 Oct 2020
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Home-School Work (w.c. 19/10/20)

18 Oct 2020

Please find work below for week commencing Monday 19th October.

** PLEASE NOTE - This is only work for children who are off school, which mirrors what we are completing in class. This is not the homework for the week - please find weekly homework in the Homework tab **

This week, we are carrying on with our work on Samuel Pepys's Diary. 

Task 1 - Put these cards into order. Use the events on the cards to remind yourself of the key events that happened on each day. You may want to make notes onto this planning sheet to help you remember (we have done this in class already so this is just revision to get your brain back ready for writing the final piece!). 

Task 2 - Look back at the simplified versions of Samuel Pepys's diary to remind yourself how a diary entry should be structured. Think about these questions:
- What do each of the diary entries start with?
- How do you know which day it is?
- Is there a lot of writing for each day or just a little?
- How do you know how he's feeling?
- Can you see any time words at the start of sentences? (e.g. Today... This morning...)

Task 3 - Use the order cards and what you've learnt about the structure of diaries to write your own version of Samuel Pepys's diary, pretending to be him and explaining what you saw/did on each of the days. Try to include:
- Subheadings saying the date
- "Dear Diary..."
- Time words to start sentences, e.g. "Today I..."
- Good vocab for feelings (see these posters)
- Write in the first person, pretending to be Samuel Pepys (using 'I' not 'he' or 'she')

This week, we're carrying on with addition and subtraction. Please watch the videos then complete the worksheets. If you don't have a printer, children can just write the question number on a piece of paper and put the answer next to it.

1. Addition Crossing Tens (2 digit + 1 digit)
Video Link    Worksheet

2. Addition Crossing Tens (2 digit + 2 digit)
Video Link   Worksheet

3. Subtraction Crossing Tens (Year 1 Recap)
Video Link    Worksheet

4. Subtraction Crossing Tens (2 digit - 1 digit)
Video Link   Worksheet

Other - History
We are learning about the Great Fire of London. This week, we are practising using our research skills to find out more about a topic.

Use books, the internet or the resources below to do a little bit of research on the Great Fire of London. See if you can find the answers to as many of these questions as you can. 

Resources:  GFOL Fact Poster     Reading Comprehension

Links:  BBC School Radio: GFOL

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