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20 Sep 2021
Welcome New Giants!
12 Sep 2021



Home-School Work (w.c. 23.3.20)

18 Mar 2020

Hello Giants!

I am missing you already and hope you have had a lovely weekend with your families. Here's our first week of work to do at home to show your mums and dads how smart you are. There's lots of fun stuff to do - I can't wait to hear what you find out from the Science experiment, or to read your new Twits chapters! I hope they are as funny as your character descriptions last week! Don't forget our secret promise to make our purple books the SMARTEST ones in school (sshhh, don't tell the other classes) - remember those dates and learning objectives. You can show your mums and dads how beautifully we do it in school after all that hard work in handwriting. If you print a sheet, you don't need to stick it in, we'll save our book pages for all your fab written work.

Enjoy your learning and make sure you're looking after your grown-ups!

Love Miss Daniel x

Literacy - The Twits

1. Learning Objective: To answer questions using the text
Read the chapter of The Twits called 'The Frog' on page 12 on this link (The Twits Booklet) and complete this reading quiz. Remember to make sure your answer comes from the text, not just a guess!

2. Learning Objective: To predict what might happen next in a story
Read the next chapter called 'The Glass Eye' on page 13 of the booklet above. This time, Mrs Twit plays a prank on Mr Twit - they keep getting each other back. Write a new chapter in your purple book where Mr Twit plays a prank on Mrs Twit to get her back for the glass eye! The prank can be anything you like - try to make it as funny and silly as you can! There's a planning sheet on pages 15-16 of the Twits Booklet above if you need help.

Targets: Use descriptive language, make sure your chapter is sequenced in the right order, use some of Roald Dahl's style of writing from last week.

Supporting Documents:  Word Mat and Sentence Starters     Explanation of Roald Dahl style features

3. Extra Learning Tasks (optional)
Complete any of the other activities you like from the Twits Activity Booklet on the first link. We'll move onto a new Literacy topic next week so children can do as many as they like! :)


1. Learning Objective: To know which units we use to measure things in
Print or copy this table. Look around your house for things that you can use to measure things (e.g. a thermometer, a ruler, scales, clock). Record what they measure (e.g. length, weight) and the unit that they measure in (e.g. degrees, grams). Please support children to learn these key facts in any way they like (poster, video, matching equipment to labels):

Key Learning
- We measure length/height in cm and m (100cm = 1m)
- We measure weight in g and kg (1000g = 1kg)
- We measure capacity (amount of liquid) in ml or L (1000ml = 1L)
- We measure temperature in degrees Celsius
- We measure time in seconds, minutes and hours (60secs = 1min, 60min = 1hr, 24hr = 1 day)

2. Learning Objective: To measure accurately using a range of units
Use any measuring equipment in your house to practise measuring things accurately in the units you've learnt. Please record these in your books any way you like (tables, photos, sentences, etc). 

Key Learning
- Scales often go up in 20s, 50s or 100s. It's just like counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, but ten times bigger. Children could compare two sequences (e.g. 2s and 20s) and try to spot patterns if they are stuck. 
- Some scales have missing numbers. Figure them out by trial and error - count up the marks in 5s, 10s, 20s etc to see what fits with the numbers that ARE there on the scale.

3. Learning Objective: To measure length in real life contexts
Choose at least 5 of the activites from these Challenge Cards to complete. Record in books any way!

4. Extra Learning Tasks (optional)
Complete as much of this Measurement Activity Booklet as you like. I have compiled some key teaching tips on the link below if you need support. We will be revising money next week so you may wish to save this part for next week!

Measurement Activity Booklet - Tips for Parents


Learning Objective: To say which drinks are best and worst for our teeth
Complete this interesting science experiment in your books. Of course, if you wish to perform the experiment yourself at home, even better!

Egg Experiment -  Futher information and instructions on how to perform the experiment yourself

Video of Egg Experiment - A YouTube video on a similar experiment.

Optional Extra: Create a poster teaching people how to look after their teeth.


Learning Objective: To write my own weather forecast for another country
Find some information online about the weather forecast for a country of your choice. The BBC website is pretty good for this - Google 'BBC Weather [country name]'. Use it to create your own weather forecast for that country. This can be written, recorded, or any other creative method!

Key Learning Points
- Try to use a mix of data, e.g. temperature, wind speed.
- Try to use lots of typical weather forecast words like 'blustery winds' or 'sunny spells'.
- Remember to tell people how to prepare themselves for the weather.
- Talk about how and why their weather is different to ours.


WHOLE SCHOOL PROJECT: Please make, paint, collage or draw a rainbow in the most creative way you can. Include the words 'Kids fighting COVID-19 - Together we will beat this!' somewhere on your artwork, and display it in your window :)


Teach yourself the lyrics to a new song on YouTube and sing it as loud as you can!


Complete at least 2 sessions from these resource areas:

Join in with Joe Wicks for PE lessons at 9am each morning on Youtube! Link: Joe Wicks PE Lessons

Choose a fun dance/movement video from Go Noodle! Go Noodle Good Energy!

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