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20 Sep 2021
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A note from Miss Daniel on home learning

20 Mar 2020

* Update 1 - Please note that the website publishes new pages with the date that I began writing them. Therefore, new work is appearing on the list of pages with an older date below it. Please look at the title of the pages to ensure you have the correct week of work - I will put the Monday's date as week commencing (for example, w.c. 23.3.20 for this week). Thank you! *

* Update 2 - We now have a Times Tables Rockstars account for our school! Lots of fun times tables games where you can compete with friends. Children have their own username and passwords. Please email me on the email address provided by school to request your child's username and password, I'm afraid I cannot publish them due to security and data protection reasons. *


Hi parents and carers,

Firstly, a huge thank you for being there to support your children at home at this difficult time, and thank you for all the kind words and messages over the last few days. It means a lot in these challenging times and I hope that the last few days in school were as 'normal' and enjoyable as possible for your children.

Over the next few weeks/months, I am aiming to provide you with as much support as possible through this page to help you continue your child's learning at home. We appreciate that every family is in a different situation right now, and of course that every child is different, so I am hoping to provide enough to meet the needs of all without anyone feeling under pressure. You know your children and your situation best, so please use the work provided in the way that you feel best suits you as a family, and factor in as much nurture and 'quality time' as your child needs. This is a hard time for them, and their mental health and happiness must come first. 

For those children who would appreciate as consistent a routine as possible, I have devised a timetable that loosely matches the structure of lessons we do each day in class. Obviously this is non-complusory and completely flexible to you as a family, as we know many of you will have work and care commitments. 

I will provide a full week's worth of work onto the Giants' website page each Monday morning during term time. This will match the approximate amount of learning that they would do in a week at school, across the whole curriculum to keep it fun and mixed. I have tried to make most tasks so that they will only require a short introduction and then children should be able to work on them independently. Please adapt and schedule this work as you need to suit your own children and situations.

Please don't panic if you are struggling to get through everything in your family's situation - we, of course, understand that you are trying to balance this with your own work and care commitments. If children need to get on independently for more of the time, there are plenty of fun educational websites and activities on the 'Good Websites for Further Home Learning' section of Giants' page that they should be able to do without needing help, so they can continue their learning in a more chilled and independent manner when you need to work.

Please don't be shy of emailing positive updates of what your child has been doing at home throughout this time, school-themed or not! I will miss them lots and would love to keep up with them as much as possible. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need ANY support at all, even if it's just to let me know how things are going, to talk, or to ask a question about some work. As per school guidelines, I will reply between the hours of 8-9am each weekday. 

Stay safe and look after yourselves. Sending my best wishes to everyone in these unusual times, and I hope it's not too long until we speak in person again.

Take care.

Miss Daniel

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