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20 Sep 2021
Welcome New Giants!
12 Sep 2021




01 Apr 2020

Hi Giants!

Here's some fun activities if you ever need anything to do in the holidays - you don't have to do anything of course, but it's just some ideas in case you get bored :) I'm also going to put a fun quiz on Teams for you to do if you want to. The last question was Miss Richardson's idea and I think it's the best question EVER! 

Have a lovely half term,

Miss Daniel and Miss Richardson x

- Download the free Stop Motion Studio app on a phone/tablet and create your own animation. You could then write your own story about your animation, or record voices to turn it into a movie! Instructions
- Start to learn a new language: 
French   Spanish   German
- Or, learn sign language!  Sign Language Basics    Sign Language Songs   Sign Language Alphabet (can you spell your name?)
- Dive into a box or washing basket and go on some rides at Virtual Disney World! 
- Go on a virtual tour of the Natural History Museum in London to see dinosaur bones and more!
- Have a go at this Outdoor Treasure Hunt. Can you make your own clues for your family?


- Draw and write a comic strip with your very own story. You could use this template. Our local Harrogate comic book shop has also done a tutorial video on how to make comics (thank you to the family who recommended this!)
- Write a letter by hand to somebody who you miss. If you can't post it, you could email a photo of it.
- Visit Pobble for a creative writing challenge. Use the daily image or 'Pick A Day' for pot luck.
- Write your own stories.
- Choose a word and write an acrostic poem about it! I'd choose HOLIDAYS.
- Make a leaflet for your favourite place that you can't wait to visit when lockdown is over.

- Do some baking or cooking with your family and use the scales to help measure the ingredients.
- Complete these Outdoor Maths Challenge Cards on a warmer day. Can you make some more of your own for your family?
- Test your maths skills with a Colour By Number. Can you make your own colour by number sheet?
- Use your maths skills to solve these emoji code breaker tasks:    Picture Matching    Addition    Subtraction    Make Your Own

- Collect things around your garden and house to make your own bug hotel.
- Do a minibeast or 'living things' hunt in your garden/home. Where is the best habitat in your garden?
- Try one of Science Bob's experiments at home! 'Lava in a Cup' is my favourite.
- Have a look (and a laugh!) through some old family photos and make a human life cycle timeline.
- Sign up to Explorify (for free) for lots of interesting Science tasks to explore...


- Relax with some mindfulness colouring!    Easter Eggs    Spring    Sport    Space    Pets     Fairy Tales
- If you have paint, make a fingerprint jungle using these Fingerprint Animal Ideas.
- Make your own optical illusion on a Paper Spinner.
- Build an outdoor den or an indoor pillow fort. Think about how to make it strong. Draw and label a picture of your strongest fort to show other children how to make it.


- Learn how to code and complete fun projects on Scratch (free sign-up)
- Learn to code with through your favourite topics, including Minecraft, Frozen, Star Wars and more with Hour of Code

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