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20 Sep 2021
Welcome New Giants!
12 Sep 2021



Home-School Work (w.c. 5/1/21)

05 Jan 2021

Hi Giants,

Happy New Year! We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas :) We are missing you lots in school and can't wait until you can come back with your big smiley faces. Until then, we are going to try and make sure you've got lots of fun stuff to do at home to keep up with your learning. We've got an exciting English topic on Fairytales coming up, a bit more Multiplication in Maths (which you're all super good at!) and a new History topic so we can learn a bit more about what life was like when our mums and dads were little... 

I'm very excited to get started and can't wait to see what you all get up to at home. If you ever want to message us for a chat or to tell us something, just ask your mums and dads to send us a message any time you like.

Happy learning!

Love Miss Daniel and Miss Richardson

Parents - please find work below for this week (week commencing Tuesday 5th January 2021). There are 3 tasks for Maths and English this week (one per day) plus Theme for Thursday afternoon. Mrs Parker has also posted Science for Wednesday afternoon on a separate page - find it on the tabs at the side. Of course, the timetable is there as a suggestion but please do organise things in a way that suits you if you need to rejig things.

Also - ease yourself in this week, please just do what you can and don't panic if you can't get through it all. We are all adapting to these new circumstances and we understand that there will be lots going on with work and childcare arrangements etc. I'll add these tasks as 'assignments' on Teams over the next 24 hours so if you'd like to have a practice at using Teams to submit work to me, the option is there, but no pressure to do so this week - we'll take it one step at a time. 

Take care of yourselves.

We are beginning a new unit on Traditional Tales. We'll start by exploring typical characters and settings in fairytales, learning some vocabulary to describe them and set the scene, before finally moving on to write our own fairytales by blending together different stories.

Task 1 (Wednesday) - Know some key characters from fairytales and their traits
Enjoy 2 or 3 traditional tales to get your brain into fairytale mode! If you have any fairytales at home, you can read these, if not, you could enjoy some of these videos:

Little Red Riding Hood 
Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
Jack and the Beanstalk
The 3 Little Pigs

Then have a look at these posters of traditional fairytale characters. Think about which words you like best and ask your parents if there's any you don't know the meaning of. The website Kid's Wordsmyth gives good, simple definitions if your're stuck - just search in the search bar on the left. Write down your favourite words for 'goodies' and your favourite words for 'baddies'.

Task 2 (Thursday) - Label characters with key personality traits
One job of a character description is to tell us what kind of person a character is, what they like and what they do - these are their 'traits'. Using what you learnt yesterday, label these typical fairytale characters with as many things as you can think of to describe what kind of person they are. This is planning so don't use full sentences, just words and short labels are fine!

Example - Girl: innocent, curious, kind, friendly, likes to pick flowers, looks after people, easily tricked

Extra task if you finish: Can you design a new fairytale character of your own? You might want to do a 'typical' character, or you might want to do one that's a bit surprising - e.g. a friendly wolf or a nasty fairy! Remember what we learned in Jigsaw about making not assumptions about boys and girls - maybe you could have a girl character who loves football or a boy who likes to wear pink! Write some sentences to tell me about your new character. 

Task 3  (Friday) - Write simple character descriptions for 'goodies' and 'baddies'
Choose one good character and/or one bad character from the sheet yesterday. Write a character description for each one - these can be as long as you like, depending how creative you are feeling and how much time you have. You could draw them too! Use your notes from yesterday and improve these ideas to turn them into longer and more exciting sentences. Try to tell us:

- Who they are
- What they look like and what they wear
- What kind of person they are
- Where they live and who they live with
- What they like to do 

Examples of how to turn ideas into sentences:  
curious ------  She is curious and she loves to explore the forests around her home to see what she can find.

likes to pick flowers ------ She enjoys picking the beautiful, colourful flowers from the woods for her grandma.

innocent ------- She is innocent and trusts people too much, which sometimes puts her in danger.

Extra task if you are finished: Play the 'Name That Story!' guessing game. Can you work out the story from the description and the picture? When you're done, you could make your own 'Name That Story!' cards for another story or film. 

For Maths, the whole school will be using the White Rose videos and worksheets like in the last lockdown. If you don't have a printer, please don't worry - it's absolutely fine to just write down the question number and the answer next to it. These 3 lessons should be a bit of revision from what we learnt before Christmas to freshen our maths brains up again. Once we are up and running properly next week, I will start sending out some optional extra challenges or simplified work in case the level of the White Rose is not quite right for you - but these should be fine for everyone this week as it's revision!

1.Wednesday: Make equal groups (revision)
Video Link   Worksheet

2. Thursday: Multiplication from pictures
Video Link   Worksheet

3. Friday: Multiplication using the 'x' symbol
Video Link    Worksheet

Optional Extras
If you get your maths work finished today, here's some other things you can do:

Sumdog - I have set a multiplication challenge to test your skills!

Choose a number sentence, e.g. 4 x 2 (4 groups of 2). Make a poster with as many different ways you might find 4 groups of 2 in real life, e.g. four 2ps, four pairs of socks...

Put your multiplication skills to the test with a colour by number sheet: Easy   Hard
(Remember, you can draw pots and dots or count along your fingers!)

Play Hit The Button to practise multiplying quickly on your fingers and help you memorise times tables!

Here's a guide to all the Maths methods we use in class so you can see how the children have been taught multiplication if they've forgottten: Parents' Guide To Maths Methods

Other - History
In History, we are looking at how communication has changed over living memory, particularly focusing on the invention of digital devices such as phones, computers and the internet.

Watch this video: BBC Digital Revolution

Look around your house and hunt for anything you can use to communicate to other people (e.g. phones, tablets, computers, games consoles, paper to write letters). Draw and label them all onto a poster.

When you're done, choose one object and write a few sentences to say what you think life would be like if we didn't have it. You might want to ask your family for help, as lots of these devices may not have been around when your parents were your age!

Extra Activities for Friday afternoon:
If you still have time to learn on Friday afternoon after sharing, you might want to do one of these:

Go Noodle Good Energy - Fun videos to exercise and dance along with!

Newsround - For up-to-date child-friendly news.

National Geographic Games - Exciting games on geography, weather, animals and more!

Storyline -  Children's stories read by famous people!

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