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20 Sep 2021
Welcome New Giants!
12 Sep 2021



Wider Curriculum Remote Learning (w.c. 18/1/21)

12 Jan 2021

Hi Giants!

Lots of fun things in the wider curriculum this week! I'm excited that you'll be able to start your lessons with our Music, French and Total Sports teachers too. At the bottom, there's some extra things for fun if you're looking for more, plus a list of the best programmes that are coming up on CBBC this week.

Enjoy :)

Love Miss Daniel and Miss Richardson

Art (Monday afternoon)

LO: To use cold colours to create a winter scene
Zoom input for this lesson Monday 1:15pm. Today, we will learn how to make different shades of the same colour by altering our pencil pressure or mixing with other colours. We will then learn how to draw a wintery landscape, based on the painting 'Hunters in the Snow' by Pieter Brugel the Elder (1565):

Step 1 - First, choose a pencil in a nice 'cold', wintery colour - I would recommend blue. Use these techniques to experiment on your page with how you can make the colour lighter or darker - try pressing hard/soft, layering on other colours, and mixing it with layers of grey pencil. When you're confident, practise trying to go from light to dark.

Step 2 - Then, follow this tutorial (or my instructions on Zoom) to show you how to draw a landscape. If you use the tutorial, don't worry about the materials, as we'll use pencil instead! Remember, the things at the back get smaller as you move further away. You might want to add in some more 'wintery' details such as bare trees or clouds in the sky, or even a snow-covered building or a snowman! Use 'Hunters In The Snow' for ideas - you can have a closer look at it on this page. When you're done, colour and shade your artwork using the cold, wintery tones that you practised in Step 1. 


PE (Tuesday afternoon)

Follow the link for our first Total Sports PE lesson: Total Sports KS1 - Pirate PE

Other optional websites for getting you moving, if you want more: 

Go Noodle Good Energy - Fun videos to exercise and dance along with

Joe Wicks YouTube - A new 'PE With Joe' session added every day!

Harrogate School Sports Partnership - Lots of resources for home mindfulness and keeping active

French (Wednesday morning)

There seems to have been some technical issues with our external provider, so we will use an online video for French this week:  Learn French - Colours, Numbers and More!

This lesson will revise some of the key concepts that we have covered in our French lessons in class. Feel free to do this at a different time if you wish, as I know our Wednesdays are quite jam packed! :)

RE (Wednesday afternoon)

We'll alternate between RE and PSHE on Wednesdays, this week it's RE! These sessions will be mostly discussion-based on Zoom with just a quick paper task, so children still have plenty of time to do their Science afterwards :)

LO: To understand how the Prophet Muhammad's stories guide Muslims in their lives
Zoom input for this lesson Wednesday 1:15pm. The Prophet Muhammad is a special leader in Islam. He lived over 1400 years ago and taught Muslim people how to follow Allah (God). He is so special that when Muslim people write his name, they write 'PBUH' after it - this means "peace be upon him". Muslims still use his stories now to teach people how to make the right choices. Watch this video for a brief introduction to Islam, and to hear the story of The Prophet and the Ants* and the story of the Crying Camel. I will read these stories to you on the Zoom too. When you've watched/heard them, think about what lesson these stories are trying to teach. What did you learn from these stories? What could you do in your life to care for all of God's creatures? Quick task - write or draw your ideas for these questions on a piece of paper.

* = A good discussion point here is that many Muslims believe that the Prophet Muhammad should not be represented in images. That means this must be a story about a different Prophet, not about the Prophet Muhammad himself!


Science (Wednesday afternoon)
Thank you to Mrs Parker for our exciting Science lessons!

LO: To describe the basic needs of humans and animals
Invite children to consider what they would need to take with them on a journey to outer space. Ask children to choose three things that they would like to take. Discuss the items the children have chosen, asking them to consider if these are things that they would like or things that they really need to survive.
Read the information on this PowerPoint, explaining that there are only three things that humans and all animals need to stay alive. 

  • You can choose one of these activities to do, or you can do all of them if you would like to!

Activity 1:
Complete the Basic Needs Activity Sheet by matching the descriptions of how basic needs are met in mammals, reptiles and birds, and in fish and other sea creatures.
Activity 2:
Complete the Caring for Animals Matching Activity, then discuss what further needs these animals and others may have. For example, care and companionship, play and exercise, medical treatment when necessary, and protection from harm.
Activity 3:
Do some research using the Pet Care Fact Sheets to find out information and create your own pet fact file.


Theme (Thursday afternoon)

LO: To know how to learn about changes in living memory
Zoom input for this lesson Thursday at 1:15pm. In this lesson, children will look at how we can find out about changes in more recent times. We'll then learn about which types of question are the best and use this knowledge to put together some questions for a class questionnaire.

Step 1) Read this information about how we can find out about communication in the past. When you get to Task 1, complete this worksheet, or you can draw out the pictures onto your own sheet, to say how each of these things could help you to find out about the past.

Step 2) Then, read the rest of the information about how to ask a good question. When you're done, write a list of questions that you would like to ask your family about how they communicated in the past. We will put these together next week to make a class questionnaire!


Music (Friday afternoon)

Please use this link to access this week's Music lessons from our external provider. Remember, we are using the same videos as Year 1, so just click on the first video entitled 'KH Music Y1 Pitch L2'. Enjoy! :)

Just for Fun!

- Complete the Picture News Jigsaw Piece template. This is a really lovely activity to show that we are each an individual with a part to play in looking after each other at the moment. You can display it in your window when you're done - if you do, make sure you take a photo and send it to us! :)

-  See what's going on in the world each day with Newsround.

- Explore the news further with the Picture News challenges for this week:
Picture News Newspaper      Picture News at Home      Activity 1     Activity 2

- Enjoy some mindfulness colouring for a bit of chill time:  Fairytales   Space    Sport   Pets   


CBBC Recommended Watches

Here's the programmes on the CBBC channel schedule this week that fit in perfectly with our Year 2 learning. You can watch them on the link to the online channel at any time of the week, but here's the times they're on TV: 

Deadly 60 - Every day, 8:30am
Great for extra learning about animals! 

Horrible Histories: Victorian Medicine - Monday, 10:15am
A good way to prepare for our medicine topic later this year, where we'll learn about Florence Nightingale and more!

Celebrity Supply Teacher: Ricky Wilson (Art) - Thursday, 10:00am
A good lesson for learning about how playing with colour can improve your artwork.

BBC Bitesize: English and Wellbeing - Friday, 9:00am
A nice way to round off the week by thinking about wellbeing.


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