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20 Sep 2021
Welcome New Giants!
12 Sep 2021



English & Maths Remote Learning (w.c. 18/1/21)

15 Jan 2021

Hello Giants,

Well done for all your fabulous work so far! I loved reading all your story plans last week and it made me so excited to hear your stories. We have a new timetable this week, which means I'll be seeing you lots more on Zoom! :) I'm going to help you lots with your learning on the Zooms, so then you should be able to do your activities without any help and impress your grown-ups with how independent you are.

Happy learning and keep smiling!

Love Miss Daniel and Miss Richardson :)



You should have received a 'Personalised Learning' email to specify your child's reading level, and which Phonics programme would be best for them to follow at home. Please let me know if you haven't received this yet.

Use Oxford Owl to access reading books at your child's book band: 

Oxford Owl e-Book Library   (You will need to register for a free account)

Follow one of these programmes daily for Phonics learning:

Set 2 Lessons-  Read Write Inc - Features daily videos on a new sound.

Set 3 Sounds - Read Write Inc - Features daily videos on a new sound

Investigating Alternative Spellings - PhonicsPlay - Scroll down to Phase 5c and work through the 'Investigating Alternative Spellings' activities at your own pace. I'd recommend one activity per day e.g. a Phoneme Spotter one day, Word Sort the next day, Best Bet the next day. You can log in for free at the moment using the username and password on the PhonicsPlay homepage.


English: Mixed Up Fairy Tales

This week, it's finally time for us to write our own stories! We'll split it into the beginning, the middle and the end over 3 days - so don't rush through, put lots of thought and detail into each part. Each story-writing lesson has an example to look at, some questions to help you get ideas, and 3 main things to think about to make your story perfect :) 

Task 1 (Monday) -  LO: To write the beginning of a fairytale and set the scene
Zoom teaching input Monday 9:30am. Today, we will learn how to write the start of a fairytale. We need to 'set the scene' - this means introducing the characters and the home setting before we rush into the main part of the story! We'll use our skills from previous weeks to help with this.    Lesson 1 - The Beginning     Sentence Starters - Beginning

Task 2 (Tuesday) -  LO: To write the middle of a fairy tale and build the action
Zoom teaching input Tuesday 9:30am. Now we are ready to write the middle of our story. This is where all the action happens, so be prepared to use exciting adjectives and use different punctuation like ! or ...   Lesson 2 - The Middle    Word Mat - Middle

Task 3 (Wednesday) -  LO: To write the ending of a fairy tale and round it off
No Zoom input for this lesson. Today, it's time to finish off our stories! We will learn how to do a good ending without writing 'the end', and find out some good 'ending sentences' that we can use instead.         Lesson 3 - The Ending     Word Mat - Endings

Task 4 (Thursday) -  LO: To edit my work so it's perfect!
Zoom teaching input Thursday 9:30am. Today, we are going to edit our work like we do in school, to try and make it perfect :) I can't give you marking symbols like normal, but we'll learn some ways that we can check our work by ourselves, as we are learning to be more independent. If you get this done quickly or it's a bit tricky, you can do task a) or b) from the extra activities - make a front cover for your story, and/or write a blurb!   Lesson 4 - Editing      Spelling Lists for Checking*

* = I have put all 3 spelling lists on one sheet. Children only need to choose one list to check, but I have put them together in case any chlidren wish to check more of them :)

Task 5 (Friday) -  LO: To add 'ing' and 'ed' to words ending in 'e'
No Zoom input for this lesson. For this week's spelling lesson, we are learning how to add suffixes onto words that end in 'e'. The rule is that 'e' is a bit of unfriendly letter and he doesn't like sitting next to suffixes, so we get rid of 'e' before we add them on!

1. First, practise spelling some of these words using Look Cover Write Check.
2. Add 'ed' and 'ing' to these words using the rule you've learned, then put your favourites into sentences on your paper


Extra Learning Tasks (optional if you finish any activities in the week)

a) Design an exciting front cover for your story with a nice big title. Don't forget to put your name as the author :)

b) Write a blurb for your story. The blurb is the bit of writing at the back to tell you what might happen in the story (but no big spoilers!)

c) Write a book review for your own story. Use it as a chance to say what you think you've done well and what you liked about your work!


Maths – Multiplication and Division

Remember, if you do not have a printer, it is fine to just write the question number and record the answers at the side. And don't worry if the questions at the end of the sheet are tricky!

Task 1 (Monday) - LO: To make equal groups by sharing (Year 1 Revision)

No Zoom input for this lesson so use the video :)     Video      Worksheet      Answers

Key Learning/Tips
- Think of the divide symbol as a long table with two people sitting at opposite sides sharing the food!
- Helpful method: Sharing Bags. Draw a 'bag' for each person sharing, then share out the items between the bags.
- We encourage children to work out the answer using sharing bags BEFORE drawing lines to split up images, as it's not always obvious on images where to split them - especially if you're dividing by more than 2!

Task 2 (Tuesday) - LO: To make equal groups by sharing (Year 2 Work)

Zoom teaching input Tuesday 11:00     Video    Worksheet      Answers

Key Learning/Tips
- If you are sharing out a big number like 40, you could try sharing out 4 tens instead of 40 ones! Be careful though - if you have too many/too few tens to share equally, you might have to make exchanges like the video shows. 
- If you're not confident with making exchanges, just share the number out in ones instead. It might take a little longer but it's best to do what you feel confident with at this stage :)
- You can find virtual Base 10 blocks here to work with: https://mathsbot.com/manipulatives/blocks 


Task 3 (Wednesday) - LO: To make equal groups by grouping (Year 1 Revision)
No Zoom input for this lesson so use the video :)     Video    Worksheet      Answers

Key Learning/Tips
- The most important thing when grouping is to always count your groups at the end to check they are all the same. 
- Virtual counters: https://www.didax.com/apps/two-color-counters/


Task 4 (Thursday) - LO: To make equal groups by grouping (Year 2 Work)
No Zoom input for this lesson so use the video :)     Video    Worksheet      Answers

Key Learning/Tips
- This time, we think of the divide symbol as meaning "shared into groups of".
- Encourage systematic working for Q6 - try grouping in 1s, then 2s, then 3s etc.


Task 5 (Friday) - LO: To divide by 2 in lots of ways
Zoom teaching input Friday 9:30am     Video    Worksheet      Answers

Key Learning/Tips
- This is the first time we are introduced to the link between multiplication and division, which can sometimes get confusing.
- Remind children: division always starts with the biggest number and makes it smaller...
- ... Multiplication starts with the smaller numbers and ends in the biggest number.
- They can use this to check they have the numbers the right way round in their number sentences.

Extra Learning Tasks (optional if you finish any activities in the week!)

a) Play the Doggy Division game to practise your careful sharing!

b) Have a go at these Division Word Problem Challenge Cards. Tip: Cross out as you go along so you know which ones you've already shared!

c) Practise your Division By Sharing with these questions. Tip: Draw sharing bags to help you work it out.

d) Solve a set of Fluency number sentences at a level you're confident with (choose Red, Amber, Green or GO - or more if you want!)
Fluency 18.1.21         Parents' Guide to Methods 


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