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20 Sep 2021
Welcome New Giants!
12 Sep 2021



Wider Curriculum Remote Learning (w.c. 25/1/21)

18 Jan 2021

Hi Giants!

I've really enjoyed seeing what you've been up to in all your afternoon lessons. Your artwork last week was fantastic - great colour mixing and beautiful landscapes :) I'm excited for you to get questioning your families about how they communicated when they were little. It makes me feel a bit old looking at what all the phones and computers were like when I was your age. 

Enjoy laugh

Love Miss Daniel and Miss Richardson

Art (Monday afternoon)

LO: To represent sunshine in art through bright, bold colour
Zoom input for this lesson Monday 1:15pm. Have a look at the artwork The Day of the Bright Sun by Ted Harrison. This is a very different piece to the winter scene we looked at last week! He uses much brighter colours, and he uses block colours instead of blending. If you can't make it onto the Zoom, use the questions on the Question Sheet to think about the artwork and compare it to last week's image. Then, have a go at creating your own version in a similar style. Here's some instructions if you can't make the Zoom.


PE (Tuesday afternoon)

Follow the link for our second Total Sports PE lesson: Total Sports Key Stage 1 Lesson 2

Other optional websites for getting you moving, if you want more: 

Go Noodle Good Energy - Fun videos to exercise and dance along with

Joe Wicks YouTube - A new 'PE With Joe' session added every day!

Harrogate School Sports Partnership - Lots of resources for home mindfulness and keeping active

French (Wednesday morning)

Use this link to access our French lessons from our external providers for this week. Click the second video, entitled 'KS1 French Lesson'. 

PSHE (Wednesday afternoon)

These sessions will be mostly discussion-based on Zoom with just a quick paper task, so children still have plenty of time to do their Science afterwards :)

LO: To know what success is and recognise our own successes
Zoom input for this lesson Wednesday 1:15pm. In this lesson, we'll learn about how success is different for everyone and we will share ideas of when we've been successful and how it made us feel. We'll learn to treasure our feelings of success to help us feel confident. Then, we'll complete the quick treasure chest template to share our successes. If you can't make it to the Zoom, you can follow what we discussed on the lesson slides:   PSHE Lesson - Success        Treasure Chest Template


Science (Wednesday afternoon)
Thank you to Mrs Parker for our exciting Science lessons!

LO: To identify healthy and unhealthy foods and say how much of each I should eat
Have a read through the PowerPoint to learn about which types of food we should eat lots of, and which we should have much less of! When you have read the information, complete one or both of the following activities:

Activity 1 - Sorting Food 
Sort the food onto the correct plates to say which foods you should eat lots of, sometimes, and occasionally. You could cut out and sort the cards, or draw them onto plates.

Activity 2 - Healthy Menu Plan
Choose the foods you would pick for breakfast, lunch and dinner to make a day of healthy eating. Draw them onto the plates to create your healthy meal plan, remembering to keep a good balance of different food types.

There's also some Healthy Eating Colouring Sheets to go with this work if you'd like to do some colouring afterwards.


Theme (Thursday afternoon)

LO: To use questionnaires and interviews to find out about the past
Zoom input for this lesson Thursday at 1:15pm. Last week, we all thought of some questions we would like to ask someone in our family about how they used to communicate when they were younger. I have put the most popular questions together to make this Year 2 Communication Questionnaire. Your task for this week is to ask someone in your family these questions - you might want to do this part one night before the lesson if your grown-ups are working during the day. When you have their answers, you can choose any way you like to present what you have found out. There's lots of ideas on the lesson slides if you can't attend the Zoom.    History Lesson - Questionnaires      Poster Template

If completing the questionnaire is tricky due to work commitments, don't worry! You can use Miss Daniel's answers :)


Music (Friday afternoon)

Please use this link to access the next Music lesson from our external provider. It is the second video, entitled: KH Music Y1 Pitch L3

Just for Fun!

- Practise your computer coding skills using one of the Beginner games on Hour Of Code. Many have a voiceover to talk you through it independently.

- If you weren't able to access the live stream last week, here's the link to Chester Virtual Zoo, where you can find a range of talks on different animals to go with our Science topic. 

- See what's going on in the world each day with Newsround.

- Explore the news further with this week's Picture News challenges for this week:
Picture News Newspaper       Picture News Resource 25.1.21      Picture News Home Learning Ideas     Activity 1    Activity 2

- Enjoy some mindfulness colouring for a bit of chill time:  Fairytales   Space    Sport   Pets   


CBBC Recommended Watches

Here's the programmes on the CBBC channel schedule this week that fit in perfectly with our Year 2 learning. You can watch them on the link to the online channel at any time of the week, but here's the times they're on TV: 

Hey You What If? (episode: We Could Actually Stop Climate Change) - Monday, 8:25am
Explores what we can do to save our planet - a good link to our upcoming weather topic :)

Celebrity Supply Teacher: Katie Piper on Wellbeing - Tuesday, 10:00am

A nice one for learning how to be happy in ourselves. 

Art Ninja (episode: Day of the Spy) - Wednesday, 11:05am
Links to last half term's work on collage, as Ricky makes a selfie collage!

Deadly 60 - Daily, 8:30am
As last week, brilliant extra learning on animals.


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