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20 Sep 2021
Welcome New Giants!
12 Sep 2021



Wider Curriculum Remote Learning (w.c. 1/2/21)

25 Jan 2021

Hi Giants!

We have 2 exciting surprises for you this week...

Monday at 2pm - Author Visit
We are lucky enough to have an author named Shona Stringer 'coming to our school' virtually by Zoom to read us her story 'Abigail Bear - The Lockdown' and have a chat to you all! It will be a different Zoom link to our normal Zooms, so I have emailed the Zoom link to your parents! :) 

Wednesday - Wellbeing Wednesday
As part of Children's Mental Health week, we want you to EXPRESS YOURSELVES on Wednesday! Come to Zoom school in the morning in your craziest, brightest clothes, facepaint too if you like. Then on Wednesday afternoon there will be no Zooms - we'll have an afternoon away from screens with a range of fun activities to choose from to express yourself! Details in the 'Wednesday' section below :)

Have fun!!!  laugh

Love Miss Daniel and Miss Richardson

Art (Monday afternoon)

LO: To represent the seasons using colour and mark-making
Zoom input for this lesson Monday 1:15pm. We will keep this session fairly short as we have our author visit at 2pm! On Zoom, we'll revise the characteristics of each season and talk about what happens to a tree as the year passes by. Children will then complete a 'pop-art' style piece of artwork by dividing their paper into quarters and representing the tree in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - like the example to the left. They may want to draw the tree themselves, or they could use this template. This activity could be carried on throughout the week if there's not much time today. If you feel that this lesson is a lot of screen time just before our author visit, then do not worry if you choose not to attend this time. There will be lots of art activities to choose from on Wellbeing Wednesday! 


***** AUTHOR VISIT (Monday - 2pm)  *****

Join us on Zoom for a virtual visit from author Shona Stringer. We'll enjoy her story 'Abigail Bear - The Lockdown' - a  heart-warming tale about a bear who loves to dance, and how she deals with it when her dance school suddenly has to close!! Here's a link to the story on Amazon if you wish to have a sneak peek using the 'Look Inside' feature :) Please see your emails for Zoom link and further details - let me know if you have not received this information! 


PE (Tuesday afternoon)

Follow the link for our second Total Sports PE lesson: Total Sports Session 3

Other optional websites for getting you moving, if you want more: 

Go Noodle Good Energy - Fun videos to exercise and dance along with

Joe Wicks YouTube - A new 'PE With Joe' session added every day!

Harrogate School Sports Partnership - Lots of resources for home mindfulness and keeping active

French (Wednesday morning)

Use this link to access our French lessons from our external providers for this week. Click the third video, entitled 'French PPA Y2 U3 L1'. 


This week is Children's Mental Health Week and the theme is 'EXPRESS YOURSELF!'. Expressing yourself means finding ways to share your thoughts, feelings and ideas through creativity, as well as doing things you enjoy that make you feel good. This Wednesday afternoon, we will have no Zooms and will encourage you to take some time away from your screens to take part in some fun, expressive and creative activities! This could include art, crafts, drama, dance, exercise or anything else that makes you feel great laugh Below are some ideas of projects you might wish to choose; however, if you have ideas of your own then of course that's fine too! 

Getting Outdoors:
- Get your wellies on and make a footprint painting.
- Wrap up warm and have a picnic in your garden.
- Do a nature hunt in your garden. 
- Collect items to make a natural fairy wand.
- Or complete one of these simple nature-based building projects:
Bird Feeder    Bird Nest    Minibeast Palace   Butterfly Feeder

Arts and Crafts:   
- Paint a picture.
- Build the tallest tower you can!
- Collect some materials from your garden to make a natural collage.
- Or do one of these 'Express Yourself!' projects...

Self Portraits         Half and Half Portraits        Word Art         Potato Heads

Exercise and Mindfulness:
- Have a go at some simple yoga! See if you can make these positions.
- Set up an obstacle course or a round of circuits in the garden for you and your family.
- Create a dance to your favourite song. 
- Go for a nice, long walk.
- Put on some relaxing music and do some mindfulness colouring.


Science (Thursday afternoon)
Please note slight timetable change for this week only - we will use Thursday afternoon for Science instead of Theme. Thank you to Mrs Parker for our exciting Science lessons!

LO: To understand the importance of exercise
Zoom input for this lesson Thursday at 1:15pm. If you can't make it to the Zoom, have a read through this PowerPoint to learn about why exercise is so important for keeping our bodies healthy. Then, complete this Exploring Exercise Task by choosing 5 different types of exercise, doing them for one minute each, and recording what you can feel happening to your body. If you're stuck choosing which exercises to do, these challenge cards might give you some ideas! When you're done, complete the Exploring Exercise Questions to summarise what you found out. 


Music (Friday afternoon)

Please use this link to access the next Music lesson from our external provider. It is the fourth video, entitled: KH Y1 Music Pitch L4

Just for Fun!

- Complete some more of the activities from Wellbeing Wednesday heart

- Practise your computer coding skills using one of the Beginner games on Hour Of Code. Many have a voiceover to talk you through it independently.

- See what's going on in the world each day with Newsround.


CBBC Recommended Watches

Here's the programmes on the CBBC channel schedule this week that fit in perfectly with our Year 2 learning. You can watch them on the link to the online channel at any time of the week, but here's the times they're on TV: 

Celebrity Supply Teacher: Geography with Ellie Simonds  - Monday 10:05am
A look at the oceans of the world and the problems they face.

BBC Bitesize Daily: English and Continents with Sir David Attenborough - Tuesday 9:00am
A great lesson as knowing the continents is a key Geography objectives for KS1!

BBC Bitesize Daily: Science and Staying Healthy - Wednesday 9:00am
This is on at the same time as worship but I'd recommend catching up throughout the week. Fits perfectly with Science!

BBC Bitesize Daily: Maths and Oceans with Sir David Attenborough - Thursday 9:00am
1. It's Attenborough again! 2. Oceans is also a KS1 Geography objective :)

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