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20 Sep 2021
Welcome New Giants!
12 Sep 2021



Wider Curriculum Remote Learning (w.c. 8/2/21)

01 Feb 2021

Hi Giants!

Lots of nice fun things to finish off your half term. In Art, we are doing one of my favourite things to draw - beautiful, colourful sunsets! And I am especially excited to see what you get up to in History on Thursday... I think you're going to enjoy this one. Make sure you check out the first activity in the 'Just For Fun' section too. I've got a feeling it will make you laugh :)

It's also Safer Internet Day on Tuesday, so we will use our Zoom on Tuesday afternoon to talk about this instead of Class Novel this week.

Enjoy laugh

Love Miss Daniel and Miss Richardson

Art (Monday afternoon)

LO: To show contrast between warm and cold colours
Zoom input for this lesson Monday 1:15pm. Today, we will remind ourselves what warm and cold colours are, then explore the beautiful effects we can create by using them together. Then, we'll learn how to contrast warm and cold colours to create sunset scenes like the ones below, using what we know about placing objects in the foreground and background. You can create your sunset scene using any materials you like - watercolour paint would work well, but you can create the same effect using coloured pencil too. You can find the discussion points and instructions here if you can't make the Zoom: Art Lesson - Warm and Cold Sunsets


PE (Tuesday afternoon)

Follow the link for our second Total Sports PE lesson: Total Sports Key Stage 1 Lesson 4

Other optional websites for getting you moving, if you want more: 

Go Noodle Good Energy - Fun videos to exercise and dance along with

Joe Wicks YouTube - A new 'PE With Joe' session added every day!

Harrogate School Sports Partnership - Lots of resources for home mindfulness and keeping active


**SAFER INTERNET DAY 2021 ** (Tuesday afternoon)

As Tuesday is Safer Internet Day, we will use our Tuesday 2:45pm Zoom session to discuss this instead of Class Novel this week. Being safe online is more important than ever at the moment so this is a really important day! On Zoom, we'll remind ourselves of the SMART rules we learned at the start of Year 2, talk through the risks and then share different ways we can make sure we are safe online. Afterwards, you could complete one of these activities: Internet Safety Wordsearch   Internet Safety Crossword (quite tricky)   Create 5 Internet Rules for Your Family

If you can't make the Zoom, you may wish to explore these areas of the Safer Internet Day website:

Safer Internet Day SMART Rules and Activities
Safer Internet Day Films for 5-11 Year Olds
Safter Internet Day 2021 Quiz


French (Wednesday morning)

Use this link to access our French lessons from our external providers for this week. Click the first video, entitled 'French PPA Y2 U3 L2'. 

RE (Wednesday afternoon)

These sessions will be mostly discussion-based on Zoom with just a quick paper task, so children still have plenty of time to do their Science afterwards :)

LO: To know how Muslims pray at the mosque and at home
Zoom input for this lesson Wednesday 1:15pm. In this lesson, we will learn about what you will see at a mosque and why they are special places for Muslims. Then we'll learn a little bit about how Muslims pray at the mosque or in other places. When we're done, you can have a go at designing your own prayer mat to represent places and things that are special to you.   RE Lesson - Mosques and Prayer     BBC Bitesize Video: Muslim Prayer    Design a Prayer Mat Template     Islamic Geometric Pattern Colouring (you could use this for inspiration!)


Science (Wednesday afternoon)
Thank you to Mrs Parker for our exciting Science lessons!

LO: To know how and why I should keep myself clean
Have a read through the PowerPoint to learn about different ways to keep yourself clean and hygienic.  When you have read the information, complete one (or more if you like!) of the following activities:

Activity 1 - Keeping Clean Activity Sheet 
Draw and label 4 different ways you can keep clean and hygienic, then complete the sentences below to say what you have learned. 

Activity 2 - How to Wash Your Hands
Put the sequencing cards in the correct order to make a set of instructions on how to wash your hands well. You could cut and stuck them, or you could draw your own pictures.

Activity 3 - Glitter Bugs 
If you have glitter at home, you might want to try this! Rub some lotion/moisturiser onto your hands and sprinkle some glitter on. The glitter acts like tiny germs on our skin. Observe what happens to the 'germs' when you pick things up and wash your hands in different ways (see instructions on the lesson PowerPoint). 


Theme (Thursday afternoon)

LO: To understand how people communicated before technology
Zoom input for this lesson Thursday at 1:15pm. This week, we will go back further in time to find out how people used to communicate before the invention of phones and computers! We'll learn about 4 methods (dance, cave paintings, telegraphs and letters) and discuss their pros and cons. Then, we will have some fun by trying to send a secret message to our families using all 4 methods, to see which are the easiest and hardest to understand!    History Lesson - Communication Before Phones      Worksheet (an optional template - feel free to record each method separately!)


Music (Friday afternoon)

Please use this link to access the next Music lesson from our external provider. Click the first video, entitled: KH Y1 Music Voice L1

Just for Fun!

- Last week in school, one of the children mentioned they'd been doing tongue twisters, so we had a go at a few examples. There was so much laughter, we had to spread the joy and silliness!! Miss Daniel apologises for any hysterical laughter caused by the first one... laugh Tongue Twisters

- Make a Valentine's Day card for someone you really care about heart

- See what's going on in the world each day with Newsround.

- Enjoy some mindfulness colouring for a bit of chill time:  Fairytales   Space    Sport   Pets   


CBBC Recommended Watches

Here's the programmes on the CBBC channel schedule this week that fit in perfectly with our Year 2 learning. You can watch them on the link to the online channel at any time of the week, but here's the times they're on TV: 

Operation Ouch! - Daily, 8:30am
There's a whole week's worth of shows exploring the human body this week. Perfect to go with our Science!

Bitesize 5-7: English, Reading Diaries and Weather - Tuesday, 9:00am

A good warm-up for our 'Investigating Weather' topic after the holidays!

Our School: Lockdown Parts 1 and 2 - Wednesday and Thursday, 10:40am
Special episodes forcusing upon what happens when schools are closed by Covid and how students can cope.


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