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20 Sep 2021
Welcome New Giants!
12 Sep 2021



Wider Curriculum Remote Learning (w.c. 22/2/21)

08 Feb 2021

Hi Giants!

Hope you've all had a fabulous holiday. We've got lots of new topics to sink our teeth into this half term. I am so excited to be doing Geography again for Theme as it's my favourite! 

For the next two weeks, we have our daily 'Lent Journey' worships happening every day except Friday - these are like the Advent ones that you enjoyed before Christmas, with the fun tasks at the end of each one. You might decide you want to do some of the tasks at home, but you don't have to - it's your choice :) The Wednesday session will be done by Miss Connor during her Zoom worship, but the rest will be done with me at these times on our normal Giants' Zoom Lessons link:

Monday: At the start of the 1:15pm Zoom session, immediately followed by a slightly shorter Art lesson
Tuesday: The 2:45pm session, replacing Class Novel as we are doing poetry anyway! 
Thursday: At the start of the 1:15pm Zoom session, immediately followed by a slightly shorter Theme lesson

So we are still coming to the same Zoom sessions at the same times, just some of them are being used for extra worship instead or as well as your lesson :)

Love Miss Daniel and Miss Richardson

Art (Monday afternoon)

LO: To understand how impressionist artists painted
Zoom input for this lesson Monday 1:15pm. On Zoom after our worship, we will have a brief introduction to the idea of Impressionism and find out how they painted using thick, erratic brush strokes. Then, your task is to choose an object of your choice and have a go at drawing or painting it in an impressionist style - quickly, using strokes rather than block colours! You can find out more about impressionism using this video and our lesson slides: Art Lesson - Impressionism

PE (Tuesday afternoon)

Follow the link for our second Total Sports PE lesson: Total Sports Key Stage 1 Lesson 5

Other optional websites for getting you moving, if you want more: 

Go Noodle Good Energy - Fun videos to exercise and dance along with

Joe Wicks YouTube - A new 'PE With Joe' session added every day!

Harrogate School Sports Partnership - Lots of resources for home mindfulness and keeping active


French (Wednesday morning)

Music and French lesson link. Please use this link to access the next French lesson from our external provider. Click French --- Spring Term 2 --- Week 1 --- the first video, entitled 'Zoom_0 Year 2'. 


PSHE (Wednesday afternoon)
These sessions will be mostly discussion-based on Zoom with just a quick paper task, so children still have plenty of time to do their Science afterwards :)

LO: To know how to keep motivated to make healthy choices
Zoom input for this lesson Wednesday 1:15pm. Our PSHE for this half term follows on really nicely from our Science! On Zoom, we will remind ourselves about different ways we can keep our bodies and brains healthy, and why it might be challenging sometimes. We'll discuss what we can do if we lose motivation. Then, your task is to complete this sheet to help encourage Jigsaw Jo with ideas of what you can do if you're not feeling very motivated! PSHE Lesson - Healthy Choices and Motivation


Science (Wednesday afternoon)
Thank you to Mrs Parker for our exciting Science lessons!

LO: To know if something is living or non-living
Have a read through this PowerPoint to learn about MRS GREN - each letter in her name stands for a different life process, and something MUST have all 7 of these things for it to be 'alive'. When you have done, choose one of these activities (or both if you like!) to complete:

Activity 1 - Living or Non-Living Sorting Cards 
Sort the cards into 2 piles - one for living things and one for non-living things. Remember to use MRS GREN to help you decide!

Activity 2 - Life Processes Activity Sheet
Choose a living thing, e.g. an animal or a plant. Draw a picture of it then, underneath, tell us how it does all of the 7 life processes in MRS GREN, e.g. How does it move? How does it breath?


Theme (Thursday afternoon)

LO: To use weather data to make a decision
Zoom input for this lesson Thursday at 1:15pm. In Year 1, you learned the basics about how to read weather forecasts and measure weather. Now we are going to take it one step further... In this lesson, we will begin to look at how weather data is used to make decisions all the time in people's every day lives. We'll then look at some weather graphs, learn how to read them, and use them to practise making very important decisions! When you're done, your task is to use weather data to choose where would be the best place to go on a holiday!   Geography Lesson - Using Weather Data to Make Decisions      Worksheet (if you don't have a printer you could just write the paragraph and draw the suitcase)

If you enjoy this, you could use this website to compare the weather in any 2 places you like! :)


Music (Friday afternoon)

Please use this link to access the next Music lesson from our external provider. Click the first video entitled: KH Y1 Music Voice L2. There is also a worksheet for this week's lesson which you can find in the same folder or here: High and Low Sounds Worksheet

Just for Fun!

- Revise your old knowledge of weather with some of these fun activities:
  Weather Wordsearch
  Hot or Cold Quiz
  Weather Colouring Sheets
  Clothes for the Seasons Sorting Activity
  Dress Seren for the Seasons: Seren Paper Dolls   Seren Clothes

- See what's going on in the world each day with Newsround.

- Enjoy some mindfulness colouring for a bit of chill time:  Fairytales   Space    Sport   Pets   

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