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20 Sep 2021
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English & Maths Remote Learning (w.c. 1/3/21)

22 Feb 2021

Hello Giants,

Last week of home-learning! We have lots of exciting things going on this week as it is the week of WORLD BOOK DAY! Here's some extra things to remember this week:

Wednesday 9:30 - 10:15am - Arabian Nights Live Story Teller
This will replace our English lesson on Wednesday morning. Very excited for this! If you haven't already, use this link to register for the KS1 show (scroll down to KS1 Show then click 'Book Now'). Once you've registered, you'll be emailed the link to the show to join in from home. 

Thursday - World Book Day
There will be a whole school assembly for World Book Day on Zoom at 10:15am, from Miss Connor and the librarians. We will email you the Zoom link. The 'optional extras' section in English has lots more fun videos and activities linked to World Book Day for you - including a little something from my favourite author! And remember, you can get dressed up in your costumes whether you're in school or on Zoom. I can't wait to see them! 

The Masked Reader
Every day, a new 'Masked Reader' video will be added onto Teams for you to watch. Find it in the 'Posts' section. Through the week, make notes on who you think it is, and all will be revealed in Sharing Assembly on Friday! :D

Keep up the amazing work guys - one more week, and then we can't wait to see you back in school next week! 

Love Miss Daniel and Miss Richardson 


Reading/Phonics (updated)

Use Oxford Owl to access reading books at your child's book band: 

Oxford Owl e-Book Library   (You will need to register for a free account)

Follow one of these programmes daily for Phonics learning:

Set 2 Lessons-  Read Write Inc - Features daily videos on a new sound.

Set 3 Sounds - Read Write Inc - Features daily videos on a new sound

Read Longer Words - Read Write Inc - The next step from Set 3, applying our knowledge of sounds to work out longer words.

Investigating Alternative Spellings - PhonicsPlay - Scroll down to Phase 5c and work through the 'Investigating Alternative Spellings' activities at your own pace. I'd recommend one activity per day e.g. a Phoneme Spotter one day, Word Sort the next day, Best Bet the next day. You can log in for free at the moment using the username and password on the PhonicsPlay homepage.

Phase 6 Spelling Rules - PhonicsPlay - These games allow practice of the more complex spelling rules for Year 2, and are the next step from the Alternative Spellings work. You can go through these games at your own pace. 


English: Poetry

This week, it's time to plan and write our poems. We'll finish with an exciting lesson on how to perform our poems confidently and entertainingly! I'm very excited to hear them :)

Task 1 (Monday) -  LO: To plan my own version of The Magic Box
Zoom teaching input Monday 9:30am. Today, we will plan what we are going to put in our own Magic Box poems. We'll recap the key themes of the poem and think of some good noun phrases and alliteration that we might want to use in our poems. Our Zoom will be used to share lots of ideas between us! Then, your task is to fill your Magic Box template with as many ideas as you can, ready for writing your poem tomorrow.    
Lesson 1 -  Planning Our Magic Box     Magic Box Template (if you want it - or you can draw your own!)

Task 2 (Tuesday) -  LO: To write my own version of The Magic Box
Zoom teaching input Tuesday 9:30am. In this lesson, we will look at the structure of the poem and practise following this structure to write our own example as a class. Once we've got the hang of it, we will be ready to start our own using our ideas from yesterday! We don't have a set English lesson tomorrow due to the Arabian Nights story teller in our English slot, so you may decide you want to start your poem today and finish it off tomorrow :)    
Lesson 2 - Writing Our Magic Box      Writing Template (if you'd like it - you might need more than one page if your poem is long!) 

No English lesson on Wednesday due to the Arabian Nights story teller at 9:30 - 10:15am - use this link to register for the KS1 Show if you haven't already and enjoy! Children may want to have a bit of time to finish their poem at some point today if they haven't already.

Task 3 (Thursday) -  LO: To perform my work with expression in the right places
Zoom teaching input Thursday 9:30am. As it's World Book Day, we're going to have LOTS of fun with reading in today's lesson. Today, we will enjoy learning how to read our poems aloud and find out how we can use expression to entertain our listeners! We'll develop our understanding of where is the right place to use expression and where isn't. And of course, we'll have fun on Zoom sharing some of our work - so make sure you bring your poem with you!     
Lesson 4 - Performance and Expression!     

Task 5 (Friday) -  LO: To enjoy an activity about my favourite book :)
No Zoom input for this lesson. As it was World Book Day yesterday, I would love for you to do an activity based upon your favourite story. You can choose one (or more if you like) of the following tasks: 

a) Write a book review to say what you enjoyed about the story. Template
b) Redesign the front cover and the blurb.
c) Turn your book into a comic strip! Template
d) Write an alternative (different) ending for your story. What else could have happened to the characters?
e) Write a brand new story for your favourite character in the book.

Extra Learning Tasks (optional if you finish any activities in the week)

a) Enjoy this video from Tom Fletcher for World Book Day: Author and Illustrator Academy, where he teaches you how to make a picture book and talks about how he gets his ideas. I hope you enjoy it as much as Miss Daniel did :) If you liked this, you can watch more Author and Illustrator Academy videos here.

b) Complete one of these Non Screen Activities linked to World Book Day. There's lots of fun tasks that you can do, including building a reading den, making a puppet show and making a bookmark laugh


Maths – Shape

This week, we'll carry on learning about symmetry and 2D shape in more depth. When we're back in school next week, we'll learn about 3D shapes :)

Task 1 (Monday) - LO: To draw the whole of a symmetrical shape

No Zoom input for this lesson so use the video :)     Video      Worksheet      Answers  

Key Learning/Tips
- Use the squares to help you; count outwards from the 'mirror line' in the middle.
- A good tip is to mark out the key points of the shape (e.g. corners, the tip of a curve) first by counting the squares outwards, THEN draw the lines to join them together. 
- Writing numbers in the squares can help to check your work, starting with 1 next to the line at either side, and moving outwards. If you end up writing larger numbers at one side, you know you've gone wrong somewhere.

Task 2 (Tuesday) - LO: To make our own symmetrical image

Zoom teaching input Tuesday 11:00           [No video - Zoom lesson]     Squared Paper   Example   
On Zoom, we'll recap the concept of symmetry then learn how to create our own symmetrical patterns or images on squared paper, by colouring in the same square on either side of the symmetry line. 

Key Learning/Tips
- A good way to check your image is symmetrical is to check one row of squares at a time using both hands . Put your fingers on the symmetry line - one on the left, one on the right -  then work outwards, saying the colour of the square each time. The colour should match everytime you move your fingers outwards.


Task 3 (Wednesday) - LO: To sort 2D shapes
No Zoom input for this lesson so use the video :)     Video    Worksheet      Answers

Key Learning/Tips
- Just remember, shapes don't have to be regular! So a pentagon is ANY shape with 5 straight egdes and 5 vertices, a hexagon is any with 6, etc. The sides don't all have to be the same.
- Encourage focus on edges and vertices when looking at how they're sorted; use the vocabulary. 
- For question 4, it would be useful to write the number of sides/vertices next to each shape before trying to order them. Then it's only one thing at a time to think about :)


Task 4 (Thursday) - LO: To make patterns with 2D shapes
No Zoom input for this lesson so use the video :)     Video    Worksheet      Answers

Key Learning/Tips
- Saying the pattern aloud can help some children to spot it and carry it on, e.g. "circle, rectangle, circle, rectangle..."
- Encourage children to check the pattern by saying it aloud once they've added theirs on - does it still sound right?
- It's absolutely fine for children to draw the whole thing if they're stuck when it's asking for the tenth shape! They don't have to do it all in their head :)
- Another way is to say the pattern aloud and then count along their fingers whilst saying it. 


Task 5 (Friday) - LO: To sort 2D shapes using Venn Diagrams
Zoom teaching input Friday 9:30am.     [No video - Zoom lesson]    Worksheets
On Zoom, we'll learn about Venn diagrams and how they work, then children will have a go at sorting shapes on their own - they can choose the Easier or Harder options, or do both. We'll also have a quick look at Carroll Diagrams as an extension - if children then fancy a challenge, they can then try this game: 2D Shape Sorting (Carroll Diagram) 

Key Learning/Tips
- Get into the habit of checking BOTH circles on the Venn diagram and deciding yes or no, even if you're SURE you know where it should go.
- Once complete, ask yourself the question one last time to check, e.g. "Do all these shapes have a curved edge?". You could even tick them when you've checked them, or mark what you are checking for.  

Extra Learning Tasks (optional if you finish any activities in the week!)

a) Complete symmetrical shapes and patterns using these 'Draw the Other Half' activities:
Squares (Easy)   
Pictures and Patterns (Easy)
2D Shapes on Squared Paper (Middle)
Picture Outlines on Square Paper (Hard)

b) Have a go at these Complete the Shape Pattern activities.

c) Solve a set of Fluency number sentences at a level you're confident with (choose Red, Amber, Green or GO - or more if you want!)     Fluency 1.3.21         Parents' Guide to Methods 


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