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20 Sep 2021
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12 Sep 2021



Home-School Work (w.c. 4/5/21)

30 Apr 2021

Please find below a selection of work for week commencing Tuesday 4th May if you are unable to be in school due to self-isolation or other Covid-19 related reasons:

** PLEASE NOTE - This is only work for children who are off school, which mirrors what we are completing in class. This is not the homework for the week - Homework can be found in the 'Homework' tab **



Use Oxford Owl to access reading books at your child's book band: 

Oxford Owl e-Book Library   (You will need to register for a free account)


Continue to follow your child's current programme for Phonics learning:

Set 2 Lessons-  Read Write Inc - Features daily videos on a new sound.

Set 3 Sounds - Read Write Inc - Features daily videos on a new sound

Read Longer Words - Read Write Inc - The next step from Set 3, applying our knowledge of sounds to work out longer words.

Investigating Alternative Spellings - PhonicsPlay - Scroll down to Phase 5c and work through the 'Investigating Alternative Spellings' activities at your own pace. I'd recommend one activity per day e.g. a Phoneme Spotter one day, Word Sort the next day, Best Bet the next day. You can log in for free at the moment using the username and password on the PhonicsPlay homepage.

Phase 6 Spelling Rules - PhonicsPlay - These games allow practice of the more complex spelling rules for Year 2, and are the next step from the Alternative Spellings work. You can go through these games at your own pace. 



This week, we are recapping the key features of a letter and writing a letter in character as Florence Nightingale to describe the issues at the hospital. 

Task 1 - LO: To know the purpose of a letter
Read through this PowerPoint to remind yourself why people write letters and what they look like. Answer the questions on the slides as you go along:
1. Have you ever received a letter?
2. What was it about?
3. Did you keep the letter to share again?
4. Did you write back?
5. What reasons might people send or receive a letter?


Task 2 - LO: To use interesting vocabulary
Watch this video to hear about the state of the hospitals when Florence Nightingale arrived to help in the Crimean War. Listen well to the part at around 4 mins 30 where she describes the issues in Scutari hospital. Make notes on any good words you hear, e.g. "a stench". Then have a look at these synonyms for 'disgusting' and make a note of the ones you like best. When you're done, choose your 3 favourite words you've learned today and practise using them in a sentence. 


Task 3 - LO: To write a letter using adventurous vocabulary
Pretend that you are Florence Nightingale and you have just arrived at the Scutari hospital. You are horrified at what you can see! Write a letter to someone in your family to describe the horrible conditions in the hospital and tell them what it's like. Remember to use some of the vocabulary from yesterday. 



This week in Maths, we are learning about how multiplication and division link together, using our times tables to support. Watch the White Rose video to recap then have a go at the questions on the activity cards.

Task 1  - LO: To divide by 2
Video    Worksheet 

Task 2  - LO: To divide by 5
Video    Worksheet 

Task 3  - LO: To divide by 10

Video    Worksheet   

Wider Curriculum: Computing

LO: To use a loop to make my programming more efficient

Go onto iLearn2 page for Introduction to Programming and have a go at Pupil Activities 1 and 2. Watch the videos to learn what to do. We have tried the rabbit game before, but this time, can you use loops to get your programming code as short as it can be? :)

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