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20 Sep 2021
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12 Sep 2021



Home-School Work (w.c. 5/7/21)

02 Jul 2021

Please find below a selection of work for week commencing Monday 5th July if you are unable to be in school due to self-isolation or other Covid-19 related reasons:

** PLEASE NOTE - This is only work for children who are off school, which mirrors what we are completing in class. This is not the homework for the week - Homework can be found in the 'Homework' tab **



Use Oxford Owl to access reading books at your child's book band: 

Oxford Owl e-Book Library   (You will need to register for a free account)


Continue to follow your child's current programme for Phonics learning:

Set 2 Lessons-  Read Write Inc - Features daily videos on a new sound.

Set 3 Sounds - Read Write Inc - Features daily videos on a new sound

Read Longer Words - Read Write Inc - The next step from Set 3, applying our knowledge of sounds to work out longer words.

Investigating Alternative Spellings - PhonicsPlay - Scroll down to Phase 5c and work through the 'Investigating Alternative Spellings' activities at your own pace. I'd recommend one activity per day e.g. a Phoneme Spotter one day, Word Sort the next day, Best Bet the next day. You can log in for free at the moment using the username and password on the PhonicsPlay homepage.

Phase 6 Spelling Rules - PhonicsPlay - These games allow practice of the more complex spelling rules for Year 2, and are the next step from the Alternative Spellings work. You can go through these games at your own pace. 



This week, we are moving on to non-chronological reports - finding out what they are and planning/researching to write our own NC reports about India.

1. Understand the features of a non-chronological report
A non-chronological report is a piece of information writing that is set out in sections which don't follow a time order. Have a look at this checklist to learn the key features of a non-chronological report. When you're done, choose an example of a report and read it through - can you spot the features? If you like, you could annotate the text when you see one!

NC Report - Marcus Rashford
NC Report - Minibeasts
NC Report - All About Elephants

2. Do my own research using my reading skills
Use these websites, videos and facts sheets to do some research about India. Write down the facts you find interesting - you could do a spider diagram or bullet points. 

National Geographic Kids - India
BBC Bitesize - India
Kids World Travel Guide - India

3. Plan my non chronological report
A non-chronological report needs different sections with subheadings ('mini titles'). Look at the facts you've written and see if you can put them into groups of facts about similar things, e.g. weather, food, people. You could colour code them or cut and stick them. Can you think of a sub-heading for each group?




In Maths this week, we are carrying on practising telling the time, as this is a tricky topic - we did not use these worksheets in class last week so they will be good revision for practising and applying the skills we have been learning.

Task 1  - LO: O'clock and half past
Video    Worksheet 

Task 2  - LO: Quarter past and quarter to
Video    Worksheet 

Task 3  - LO: Tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes

Video    Worksheet   


Wider Curriculum: Computing

LO: To create an animation using frames
In computing, we are learning how to create animations. We do this by adding frames (pictures) where the object has moved slightly in each one, so it looks like they're moving when we play them together. Visit the iLearn2 Animation page. Watch the videos in the Activity 1 section to remind yourself what to do, then follow the link to the Junior Infant Tools Animation website (next to the first video). Can you create your own animation of your choice?

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