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20 Sep 2021
Welcome New Giants!
12 Sep 2021



Remote Learning (21-23 July)

20 Jul 2021

Hi Giants,

Who would have thought this is how our last 3 days in Year 2 would be?! I'm very sad that I'm not with you properly, but I have lots of nice activities planned for you for these last 3 days. We're going to do all the activities on the list that we made together. Your mummies and daddies should have had an email with all the Zoom links on - please ask them to let me know as soon as possible if you haven't got it!

Stay safe, keep smiling and I can't wait to see you all on Zoom. Being at home will not stop us from having fun together this week! smiley

Love Miss Daniel xxx

Parents - I have set things out day-by-day this time round as everything is so different because of end-of-term! Let me know if you need anything at all to support you. You should have received the email with the different Zoom links, please let me know if you haven't. Each Zoom will be about half an hour, followed by some time away from the screen to complete activities, have a break etc.  Here are the instructions for the activities if you can't attend any of the Zooms and want to join in:


9:00 - Worship Zoom with Mrs Foster
After worship, Mrs Foster would like everyone to draw a heart and fill it with different acts of kindness that you could do to make people smile. You can draw your own heart or use the template below. It would be lovely to see some of these on our Zoom at 10:15 :) 

Heart template

10:15 - English Zoom: Story Writing!
In class this week, we have planned our own versions of Alice in Wonderland on a storyboard. We've been very excited to write these and today is the day! Your task is now to write your story - the most important objective is to HAVE FUN WRITING IT but here's some tips to make it good:

- Can you put in some speech?
- Can you use lots of describing words to paint a picture in the reader's head?
- Can you use .... and ! to make tension or shocks?

You can make your story however you like - you can just do it on paper, or you could even fold some paper up to make your own book! And of course, if you want to make a front cover and do some pictures with it, even better! :)

You might want to use your planning sheet to help you - you can find everyone's here  (I'm very sorry if yours isn't there, Giants - there were a couple I couldn't find in people's table piles).

1:15 - Wellbeing Zoom and Activity
One thing that really helps me to relax if I'm stressed is doodling. Focusing on filling a space with little patterns and colours can help your mind to focus on something new instead of worrying. On Zoom, we're going to learn how to do mindfulness doodling like these ones:

  Here's the instructions if you can't make Zoom:

1. Draw lots of circles and make sure some overlap. You could use things like cups to draw around. If this is tricky, you could use this template instead.
2. In each section, add a different pattern. It could be spots, stripes, zigzags, swirls... anything you like. This sheet has some ideas for your grown-ups to talk to you about if you're stuck.
3. Add some colour onto your patterns!

2:30 - Check In/Games/Story Zoom

Just bring yourselves! :) We will have a bit of a chat, play some of the games that people asked for in class, and have a short story to finish our day. If you can't make the Zoom, find some time to enjoy a story of your own at home. 


9:00 - Maths Zoom: Capacity Fun!
We have been learning about capacity - this means how much water a container can hold. On Zoom, we'll be having a practice of some of the activities below, and then you can have a go at doing them yourselves with your own containers at home!

Activity 1: Collect some containers of different shapes and sizes (about 5 would be good!). Have a guess which you think will hold the most water and which will hold the least water. Put them in order from smallest to largest capacity (just guessing at the moment). Draw a quick picture of your order to remind yourself.

Activity 2: Remember on Monday we learned how to figure out which container contains the most water even without any measuring equipment? Pick two of your containers and fill up the one you think is the biggest capacity (right to the top!). Then pour it into the second container. If it overflows, it means the first container is bigger... If it doesn't reach the top, it means the second container is bigger... If it just reaches the top, then they are they same. Use this skill to check two containers at a time and see if your order is correct*. When you've done, draw a quick picture of the correct order and see which you got right! 

* If you have measuring equipment at home, you could ask a grown-up to help you measrre and check afterwards!

Activity 3: Pick a small container and a large container. Predict how many of the small container will fill the larger container. Your family could have guesses too! Then, test it out to see who is the closest. 


10:15 - Computing Zoom: Animations
In computing, we've been learning how to make animations. We do this by adding frames (pictures) where the object has moved slightly in each one, so it looks like they're moving when we play them together. This week, we are learning:

- You can change the direction of your character using the 'flip' tool
- You can make your character appear to be running closing by making it slightly bigger each time it moves (use the '+' button)
- You can make your character appear to be running further away by making it slightly smaller each time it moves (use the '-' button)

Visit the iLearn2 Animation page and follow the link to the Junior Infant Tools Animation website (next to the first video). You can watch the videos again if you need help remembering what to do - I will show you on Zoom too. Can you create your own animation to show a character running around and trying to escape? Make sure your character runs in different directions, and near and far. 

1:15 - Wellbeing Zoom and Activity
For our activity today, we're going to mix two of our favourite things - wellbeing and maps! Some people wanted to talk about special places too and I have the perfect activity... We're going to create our own 'Autobiography Islands' - this is an island that contains all the different places and things that are special to YOU. All you need is some colours and some paper, I will explain how to do it on Zoom, but here are the instructions and some examples if you can't make it :)

2:30 - Check In/Games/Story Zoom

Just bring yourselves! :) We will have a bit of a chat, play some of the games that people asked for in class, and have a short story to finish our day. If you can't make the Zoom, find some time to enjoy a story of your own at home. 


9:00 - Art Zoom: Ourselves and Our Class
Lots of children were keen to draw a picture of themselves and their class so they had something as a special memory. On Zoom, I will go over how to draw people and faces. If you can't make it (or if your children are unimpressed with Miss Daniel's drawing skills!) there is a video here to show you how to do it. 

Then, your task is to create your artwork of your class. You don't have to do the whole class if that's too tricky, you might just choose to do you and a few friends. The only rule is, if you draw Miss Daniel or Miss Richardson, you have to make us look beautiful cheeky

** Don't forget to come and pick up your presents at 10:15!!**

10:45 - Wellbeing Zoom and Activity (please note change of time - 10:45 instead of 10:15) 
As it's our final Zoom as a class, it will be fitting to finish off with a link to one of our favourite stories from the very start of Year 2... On Zoom, we'll be reading 'The Day The Crayons Came Home' - the follow up to 'The Day The Crayons Quit'. One of the children brought it in on Tuesday and we were due to read it at the end of the day until our day finished so unexpectedly... so we promised we would read it on Zoom :) If you can't make the Zoom, you can hear the story here. Afterwards, we will be thinking of new crayon characters and having fun doing what we do best in Giants - being dramatic, using expression and acting out our characters! You might even choose to write your own postcards afterwards too. I can't wait - bring your best dramatic voices laugh

1:30 - Sharing Assembly (please note time difference - 1:30 instead of 1:15)

Mrs Bassitt has emailed you the Zoom link for this - please log on just before 1:30. Please can everyone bring their Barbara Hepworth sculptures with you for the Zoom if you have them? We will show them to the school smiley I have spoken to a couple of people about sharing their writing too, so please bring your stories with you if you are sharing :) 


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