Homework 27.9.21 - PLC

26 Sep 2021

PLC Homework - Monday 27th September
Due: Monday 18th October

Useful Knowledge
In History, our big question is 'How has Harrogate's past shaped its present?'. We are extending our knowledge of old and new buildings from Year 1 and delving into making links between the past and the present, and understanding how events in the past have shaped what we see around us today. For example:

- We see Harrogate water bottles everywhere because William Slingsby discovered a natural spring in 1571 and Harrogate became famous for its water.

- Wetherspoons is called 'The Winter Gardens' because it used to be a place full of beautiful plants indoors, where people could come and chill out after using the spas.

- Many of the spas and baths are used for different things now (e.g. a museum, a Chinese restaurant) because the NHS formed and gave out free or cheaper medicine, meaning that people didn't need to use the medicinal water.

Homework Task

Choose anything you like related to Harrogate and do a little bit of research about its past and how it has changed over the years, for example:

- A building e.g. the International Centre
- A shop, restaurant or cafe e.g. Betty's or The Royal Pump Rooms
- A product from Harrogate, e.g. Harrogate water
- A feature e.g. the Stray

Produce your PLC based upon what you've chosen. You can present it any way you like. If you're stuck for ideas, you could do... a poster, a model, some artwork, a presentation on the computer, a video, a voice recording... or anything else you think of :)  
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