Wider Curriculum Home Learning WC 18th January 2021
17 Jan 2021
English and Maths Home learning WC 18th January 2021
17 Jan 2021
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Wider Curriculum Home Learning WC 18th January 2021

17 Jan 2021

Hello Pegasus

Below is a list of activities for the wider curriculum this week. The live sessions will be on zoom, using the link you were sent last week. All the resources you need for the live sessions are below.  Please do not worry if you cannot make the live sessions as you can still access the work using the links below.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Have a great week everyone.

Mrs Almack & Miss Galton

Monday: Total Sports PE recorded session
Please have a look at the link below. The coaches at Total sports have created video lessons so you can stay active at home. 
Video link

Monday: Art Live lesson @ 1.15pm

LO: To use paint to create a portrait of Henry VIII in the style of Holbein.

Follow the PowerPoint which will encourage you to look carefully at Holbein’s portrait of Henry VIII, considering the colours he used and the details he included.
Remember the video you watched last week about how to draw a face. You can watch it again to remind yourself if you would like to by following the link on the PowerPoint above.
You will probably need to do some colour mixing for when you paint your portrait. Remember to add just a small amount of each paint colour at a time until you get the shade you need.
I can’t wait to see your Henry VIII portraits!

Please return them via the Art link on Teams.

Tuesday: Science Live lesson @ 1.15pm

LO: To explain how fossils are formed.

This week we are going to move our learning onto how fossils are formed. I will talk you through the powerpoint and activities during the live lesson. If you are unable to join us, please do not worry just have a look through the powerpoint and then have a go at the activity.
The activity focuses on the ordering the fossilisation process.


Wednesday: French recorded session

This recorded lesson has been added to Teams. To access the recorded French lesson go to our class page and then click onto the 'Files' tab. You will then see a 'Class Materials' folder. This lesson is called 'Year 3 & 4 French L1' 

Due to technical issues this week we are using recordings made for another school, but the lesson content is the same. Ignore the introduction about not having had French since October. Thanks

Please let us know if you need any help accessing this.

Wednesday: JIgsaw/PSHE live lesson @ 1.15pm
LO: To be able to identify dreams/ambitions that are important to me.
In this lesson we will be exploring our own dreams and ambitions. Here is the powerpoint if you are unable to join the live session.
Please upload this onto teams once it is completed.

Thursday: Theme live lesson @1.15pm
Friday: Music recorded session

The link for our music lesson is below. Please make sure you select the Y3 lesson.

Week 2 - Google Drive

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