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20 Sep 2021



WEEK 2 - W/C 30.03.20

L Galton - 30 Mar 2020

WEEK 2 - W/C 23.03.20

Maths (Suggested 30 mins per day)

Please complete at least 2 of the PSR challenges per day. This weeks focus is multiplication and division.

Practice your 4 times tables.

I have also set you work on sumdog - you should be able to get on with this independently.

There are some fabulous free learning videos on white rose maths which you can watch and then have a go at the questions. Have a look over this week, as I will begin to use this as part of the work that is set.

Writing (Suggested 30 mins per day)

Choose an image to create a setting description. Think about - Capital letters, full stops, exclamation  marks, expanded noun phrases (eg The big, red house - Determiner adjective, adjective noun), co-ordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS) and subordinating conjunctions (eg because). All the usual things!

Reading (Suggested minimum 10 mins per day)

Read atleast 10 minutes per day.

Complete a book review for a home book of your choice. You do not have to use this template. If you would prefer to create your own review that is fine!

Grammar (1 sheet per week)

Complete the next grammar sheet this week. There are spellings to practice on here too. This should be able to be done independently, as we have done this alot in class. Remember, the front page is very useful if you need a reminder of what each thing is. 

Handwriting (1 sheet per week)

The next joins work is here. You do not need to print this - just practice each one into your workbook.

I hope you are all helping your grown ups as much as you can. Remember, you can email me to show me your hard work or let me know of any exciting things you have been doing. Keep up the hard work, Pegasus.

I miss you all.

Miss Galton

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