21/22 Class Newsletters
20 Sep 2021



Summer term - Week 1 (20.04.20)

L Galton - 20 Apr 2020

Hello Pegasus!

I hope you all had a wonderful time and enjoyed some sunshine over the last few weeks. 

Here is this weeks work. Let me know how you get on and let me know your thoughts on our brilliant new class novel! 

Missing you all.

Miss G.
Maths (Suggested 30 mins per day)

So far, all of our maths learning has been recapping what we already know. For the remaining weeks (however long that may be), we will be learning new skills in maths! Your super school has invested in a wonderful tool that offers video lessons for this new learning. I will upload the weeks learning, questions and links here for you to complete. Parents - please email me with any questions/updates.

Here is the plan for new maths learning. - We have 2 weeks of fractions to start with!

This is the link for all of the video tutorials - use this before children do the activity each day.

Lesson one - Equivalent fractions. Questions and answers.
Lesson two - Equivalent fractions. Questions and answers.
Lesson three - Compare fractions. Questions and answers.
Lesson four - Order fractions. Questions and answers.


Writing & Reading (Suggested 30 mins per day)

I know that many of you have managed to get hold of our new class novel. Hurrah! Each week I will set work based on this book. However, I will upload the complete set of lessons on a seperate tab, for those of you who would like to go at your own pace.

This weeks work will be based on 'The butterfly Lion'. Chapter 1 and 2.

First job (just like in class!), write a prediction using just the front cover and explain what you think this book will be about. Who might enjoy this book and why do you think that? Does the blurb make you want to read this? Why?. Once these questions have been answered, enjoy reading chapters 1 and 2.

Here is this weeks work based on chapters one and two.

Grammar (1 sheet per week)

Complete the next grammar sheet this week. There are spellings to practice on here too. This should be able to be done independently, as we have done this alot in class. Remember, the front page is very useful if you need a reminder of what each thing is. 

Handwriting (1 sheet per week)

The next joins work is here. You do not need to print this - just practice each one into your workbook.

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