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Killinghall Sports week 6th- 12th July 2020

L Galton - 05 Jul 2020

Sports Day 2018 – Farnborough Primary School

Killinghall Sports week 6th- 12th July 2020

As our normal sports day can’t go ahead, we thought it would be nice for us to all still take part in some sports events. The weather has been lovely and it would be a shame to miss out on such a fun event. Normally we would do this on a set day. However, this sports event will cover the week. Due to some children in/ out of school and work commitments we thought it would be best for you to choose a day that suits your family to take part.
There will be 5 events for your family to take part in;
  • Egg and spoon race (Race with an egg without dropping it)
  • Target throw (5 chances to throw something into a bucket)
  • Long jump (How far can you jump?)
  • Water race (Fill a cup of water and race as far as you would like without spilling)
  • Timed bounce (How many 2 foot jumps can you do in 1 minute?)
It would be great to see you all taking part and please take pictures for us to see what fun you have had. Please send these to your class teacher. There will be certificates for families/ children that have taken part.
To try and include our house teams- I would like you to score your target throw, long jump and timed bounce. If you could record your house and score and send it back to me I can add up the results for each house. Please remember that we should show our school values of honesty and truth when taking part.
Click on the link below for a score sheet:

  -Killinghall Sports recording sheet.docx-  

Please send back these results to cdaley@killinghall.n-yorks.sch.uk by Sunday 12th July 8pm. Results will be announced before the end of term.

Best of luck everyone 

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