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20 Sep 2021



Home Learning WC 11th January 2021

L Galton - 07 Jan 2021

Hello team Pegasus!

Here is the work for this week.

Remember, you can message us on teams if you need help.

Your grown ups can email us with any questions too. Please try to work independently and keep doing your best.

Maths - Multiplication and Division
This week we continue to focus on Multiplication and Division. The first few sessions are focusing on comparing statements and related calculations. You will then move on to multiplying and dividing 2 digits by 1digit. 
I have added the video links, flashback 4 and activities for each day. The flashback 4 activities are what we did in class each day before beginning our maths lesson.
You will also find a true or false question each day (which we ended our maths lessons with) and some problem solving and reasoning activities if you would like some extra challenges. 
Please note that the problem solving and reasoning activities are meant to be for the whole unit so if you choose to have a go at these please don't do too many in one go. We have this week and next before we finish this unit.

Video links  
Flashback 4 
Flashback 4 with answers

LO: To use multiplication and division facts to compare statements.
SC: I can use <, > and = symbols correctly.
       I can use the multiplication facts I know accurately.
True or False
LO: To use known multiplication facts to solve other multiplication problems.
SC: I can use the fact families I know to solve the problems.
       I understand that if one number is 10 times bigger the answer will be 10 times bigger.
True or False
LO: To multiply 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.
SC: I can use repeated addition to answer the questions.
       I can begin to use the formal method of column multiplication.
True or False
LO: To multiply 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.
SC: I can use repeated addition to answer the questions.
       I can begin to use the formal method of column multiplication.
       I can begin to explore multiplication problems which include exchange.
True or False
LO: To divide 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.
SC: I can partition into tens and ones and share into equal groups.
       I can divide numbers that do not include exchange or remainders.
       I know I must divide the tens first and then the ones.
True or False

Extra Challenge: Problem solving and reasoning


Monday -  Today, we will begin to think about our new class novel.  Hopefully by now your grown ups have managed to order a copy of this (Please get in touch with school if not). Please do not worry if it has not yet arrived as this week we will be using the cover and blurb to make predictions about the story.

LO: To make reasonable predictions.
SC: I can use the book cover and title to make suggestions about what might happen.
       I can explain why I think something may happen.

Take a look at the front cover and title of our class novel and then have a go at answering these questions. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer when making predictions, but you must be able to explain what made you think that. It must be a reasonable prediction!


Tuesday - This week we will have a grammar focus. Today, we will revisit Capital letters and full stops.
Remember, using capital letters and full stops correctly is one of our non-negotiables! 

LO: To use punctuation correctly.
SC: I know when to use a capital letter.
       I can use full stops to end a sentence.

Please work through this powerpoint and then have a go at the activities before uploading to teams.

Capital letters recap and task.

Full stops recap
Full stops activity - (There are 3 levels of challenge to pick from - you only need to complete one!)

Wednesday - Today, we will have another look at homophones. "Words that sound the same, have a funny name - Homophones"

LO: To identify and spell homophones correctly.
SC: I know the difference between there, their and they're.
       I am begining to identify homophones and learn their meanings and spellings.

Please work through this powerpoint and then submit the work onto teams.



Thursday - Today, we will revisit conjunctions.

LO: To use use coordinating conjunctions
SC: I know what FANBOYS stands for
       I know how to use FANBOYS to write a compound sentence

Please work through the powerpoint before completing the task.


Activity (There are 3 levels to pick from. You only need to complete one!)

Friday - Today, I would like you to have a go at 3 or 4 challenge cards.

Many of these are recapping things that you have already learned. You can select which challenges you would like to complete.

It's tricky - Give it your best try! 

Challenge cards 

Art and Design

Learning Objective:
To create my own self-portrait using pencil techniques.
You are going to draw a picture of yourself (a self-portrait).
Watch this video demonstrating how to draw a face.
Self-portrait drawing 3-5th grade - YouTube
On a piece of A4 paper, start by drawing an oval for your face and dividing it with light lines like you were shown on the video.
Then lightly sketch the features of your face in the right place.
Using a mirror or a printed photograph, look at your own face and see what needs altering. For example, your face or eyes might be a slightly different shape.
Once you are happy with the positioning of your features, sketch them in more detail like you were shown on the video.

Science: Rocks
This week we will continue to focus our Science learning on types of rocks and their properties.
LO: To group rocks based on their properties.

First of all, use this PowerPoint to help you find out more information about the 3 main types of rocks.
Once you have worked your way through this we would like you to create a poster to show your knowledge on the 3 types of rocks.
If you are stuck on what to include you could use some of these suggested subheadings for your poster:
Type of rock, Examples, Uses, Properties and characteristics.
Knowledge organiser: you may also find this document will help your understanding of the things we will be learning over this half term. It also includes some definitions of key vocabulary.
Focus - Dreams and Goals

In our Jigsaw lessons this week we will be looking at the following learning objectives:
LO: I can tell you about a person who has faced difficult challenges and achieved success.
       I respect and admire people who overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams and goals (e.g. through disability)

Please work through the powerpoint before attempting the task. This can then be uploaded onto teams.

Powerpoint and task.
Picture News
This week Picture News focus is around soldiers and how they help us in times of need.

Have a read through the attached document and have a go at the questions at the bottom of the resource.

Picture news resource

If you would like to as an extra then have a go at writing a letter to a soldier. You could plan your ideas first using the template below to help you.

Letter template

Please upload your suggestions and letters to Teams when completed. We look forward to reading them.

Our topic this half term is 'Fountains Abbey and the dissolution of the Monasteries'.

Today our focus question is 'What role did Fountains Abbey play in our locality?'

Here is the powerpoint that will guide you through your learning and task.

This half term we will focus on 'The importance of prayer'

Use the video link in the powerpoint to answer the questions. Once this is complete, upload your work onto Teams for feedback.

Powerpoint and task

Music - Friday  - Recording in files on Teams

Please find a recording from Mrs Kendrick in the files section on Teams. There is a folder called 'Class materials'.

Please upload your work to Teams when you have completed it. 

Have a good week and stay safe!

Mrs Almack & Miss Galton
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