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20 Sep 2021



English and Maths Home learning WC 18th January 2021

17 Jan 2021

Hello team Pegasus!

We hope you are all keeping safe and well and enjoyed the snow at the end of last week. You are all doing amazingly with the home learning and we are so proud of you all. Please remember your best is good enough!

We start this week continuing with the new timetable with the live teaching and recorded sessions. We hope you can all join is for as many as possible and that it will mean you need less support from your grown ups. Please do not worry if you are unable to join in the live sessions as the work below can still be accessed. You can find the Maths and English work for this week. We have indicated if this will be a live lesson or not to help you.

Remember, you can message us on teams if you need help. Your grown ups can also email us with any questions too. Please try to work independently and keep doing your best.

Mrs Almack & Miss Galton smiley

Maths - Multiplication and Division
This will be our last week focussing on Multiplication and Division. 

I have added the video links, flashback 4 and activities for each day. The flashback 4 activities are what we did in class each day before beginning our maths lesson.

You will also find a true or false question each day (which we ended our maths lessons with) and some problem solving and reasoning activities if you would like some extra challenges. 

The live sessions this week will be on Tuesday and Thursday at 9.40am. Please do not worry if you cannot attend as the work for each day can be accessed below.

Video links  
Flashback 4 
Flashback 4 with answers

LO: To divide 2 digit number by 1 digit numbers.

True or False
Tuesday: Live lesson
LO: To divide 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers

True or False
LO: To use multiplication to scale up.

True or False
Thursday: Live lesson
LO: To find different ways to solve problems.

True or False
LO: To divide 100 into 2, 4, 5 and 10 equal parts.

The activity for Friday is practical. Can you cut up the 100 number squares into equal parts? You don't have to cut them. You can always draw a 100 square and draw on the different sections. You choose.

Extra Challenge: Problem solving and reasoning

It is class novel week. Hopefully, your own copy has arrived for you to use at home (but don't worry if not, as the reading will be a part of our live lessons). 
Live English lessons will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week @ 9:40.
Here is the powerpoint which includes the full week of work and tasks to be completed.
Please do not forget to upload your work onto teams once it has been completed.

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