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20 Sep 2021



Wider Curriculum Home Learning WC 8th February 2021

02 Feb 2021

Hello Pegasus

Below is a list of activities for the wider curriculum this week. The live sessions will be on zoom the same as the past couple of weeks and any resources you need for these can be found below. Please do not worry if you cannot make the live sessions as you can still access the work using the links below.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Have a great week everyone.

Mrs Almack & Miss Galton smiley

Monday: Total Sports PE recorded session
Please have a look at the link below. The coaches at Total sports have created video lessons so you can stay active at home.

Monday: Art Live lesson @ 1.15pm
This week we will continue to focus on the work by Hokusai. During the live lesson we will draw the outline of our picture and discuss a range of media, tools and techniques we could use to add in the colour. Please make sure you have a piece of blank paper and a pencil with you for the session.

LO: To recreate a famous piece of artwork.

If you cannot attend the live session a copy of the PowerPoint can be found below. 

We look forward to seeing your completed art work on Teams.

Tuesday: Science Live lesson @ 1.15pm
This is the last week of our topic on rocks. We are going to think about soil permeability. During the live lesson I will be completing an investigation testing the permeability of different soils. You do not need to complete this at home but if you would like to you will need: a beaker, a funnel, filter paper (or coffee filter paper), a measuring jug and water. 

LO: To investigate how permeable soil is.

You will need access to the following activity sheet (you do not need to print it off) for the live lesson to be able to record the results.
Can you try to watch this video before the live lesson.
Activity sheet.

Please do not worry if you are unable to join the live lesson. You can find out the information you need and have a go at the activity using the following PowerPoint

Tuesday: Safer Internet session @ 2.45pm
During our final zoom of the day we will be focusing our discussion around Safer Internet Day. You can find out more information on the link below.
Safer Internet Day

Wednesday: French recorded session
This recorded lesson is availible using the link below.

French session 4

Please let us know if you have any problems with this.

Wednesday: Jigsaw/PSHE live lesson @ 1.15pm
LO: I am motivated and enthusiastic about achieving our new challenge
Please upload this onto teams once it is completed.

Thursday: Theme live lesson @1.15pm

This week, we will use all of our new knowledge to finish our double page spread (lesson 2 of 2).


Please upload your work onto teams once completed.
Friday: Music recorded session

The link for our music lesson is below. Please make sure you select the Y3 L5 music lesson.


Friday: RE live lesson @1:15PM

Today we will be sharing some of our completed tasks from last weeks lesson. Please have your work with you ready to share on our zoom lesson.

Optional extras:

Picture News:
The question this week is 'How important is it to plant more trees?' Have a look at the Picture news resources below and have a go at some of the activities. If you would like to send us them to see then you can upload them to any of the existing assignments on teams.

Picture News at Home
Activity ideas

If you would like to do some additional computing activities, follow the link below to experiment with changing variables by different amountsand in different places. You will also learn how to display a variable in a different way.

Session 3
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