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20 Sep 2021



Home Learning WC 22nd March 2021

21 Mar 2021

*Please note that this work is ony for children who are having to self-isolate at home and are well enough to work, or do not have symptoms of Covid-19/Coronavirus - this is not learning for children who are in school.*

The activities below should fit in with what we are doing in school. So when you return you are able to continue with the learning in school.

In Maths our focus will be on multiplication and division. 

LO: To divide 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.

True or False
LO: To use multiplication to scale up.

True or False

No Taught Maths session due to Well-being walk
You could have a go at completing some of the Spring Maths challenges in the attachement below
Spring Maths Acivities
Spring Maths Answers


No Taught maths session due to Easter House Event.
You could have a go at the Spring Maths challenges uploaded under Wednesday.

Today we will focus our learning around the 4 times table. Please have a go at the challenges on Sumdog.


This week our english work will have a wellbeing focus. All resources for this week can be found here.

  • I can discuss and describe how artists use colour and design.
  • I can create new animal names. 
Printing a Class Creature
  • Look at the double-page spread of the donkey (or display Polka-dotted Donkey (resources)).Describe the pattern and colours that they can see. How does the donkey image make them feel? What technique do they think Carle used to create the pattern?
  • Select a paint colour, printing object and to print a few times inside the animal shape. Adult supervision is recommended here.
Making Animal Lists
  • On the Alphabet of Animals sheet (see resources) list an animal (real or imaginary) beginning with each letter of the alphabet.
  • They then say and/or write a sentence to introduce one of their animals, using the ‘wrong’ colours, e.g. This is my scarlet cow who eats blue grass. 

  • I can name emotions and link them to colours.
  • I can answer questions about a text.

Reading Comprehension
  • Read Afterword from The Man who Painted Blue Horses (see resources).
  • Complete the remainder of the cloze activity, using the text to help you answer.
Creating Emotions Colour Charts
  • Look at Paint Colours (see resources) and think how paint makers try to capture the spirit of their colours in the names they choose.
  • What if we tried to name the colours after emotions? e.g. calm green, sorrowful grey, furious red etc.
  • Create your own Emotions Colour Chart, painting different colours onto the charts and naming them after a range of emotions.

  • I can create art inspired by an artist
  • I can talk about a character I have created, about their appearance and behaviour.

  • Choose an animal and then research and get inspiration by looking at images of the real animal. Make notes and preliminary sketches to help.
  • Develop and create a stylised image of your animal using the techniques and materials advised. The main aim is to create an image of an animal in a surprising colour but as you work, you should think about how the animal feels and behaves. Is it a typical cow or does it have an adventurous side? Look at the Questions to Think About (see resources).

Thursday -     House Event

  • I can write a poem using a given structure
  • I can use powerful words to describe colours and emotions.
  • Look at the Example Poem and use the Writing Frame (see resources). .
  • Use your animal picture from Day 3 and think about why you chose those colours.
  • Begin to draft your poem ideas, beginning with a simile line and then linking it to an emotion.
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