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20 Sep 2021



Home Learning WC 26th April 2021

26 Apr 2021

*Please note that this work is ony for children who are having to self-isolate at home and are well enough to work, or do not have symptoms of Covid-19/Coronavirus - this is not learning for children who are in school.*

The activities below should fit in with what we are doing in school. So when you return you are able to continue with the learning in school.

In Maths our focus is on addition and subtraction. Work through the powerpoint for each day and answer the questions (They are on the last slide of the PowerPoint for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).

Monday: Powerpoint Questions
Tuesday: Powerpoint
Wednesday: Powerpoint
Thursday: Powerpoint


Our work this week will build up to writing an alternative ending to 'The True Story of The Three Little Pigs'.

LO: To create a story map.
Watch the video of The True Story of The Three Little Pigs then have a go at creating a story map to retell the story. Think hard about the symbols you will use to represent different parts of the story (only complete this up to the end of Pig number 2). This can be done on a plain piece of paper.

LO: To understand how and when to use paragraphs and fronted adverbials.
Work through the Powerpoint1 Powerpoint2
Using the story map from Monday edit to show where a new paragraph would be used using the following symbol //
Then think about some fronted adverbials and add these onto the story map.

LO: To use direct speech.
Work through the Powerpoint about direct speech.
Then have a go at writing a section of direct speech that could be included in the retelling of The True Story of The Three Little Pigs. You can watch the video above to remind yourself of the story.

LO: To write an alternative ending.
Think about how the ending could change for Pig number 3. Create the final part of the story map including your new ideas of what might happen.

Class Novel - Street Child
If you have a copy of the book recap on chapter 1 and read chapter 2. If not have a go at wrting a summary of Chapter 1 that was read last week in school.

Picture News
This week's Picture News question is 'Should we be allowed to fly flags anywhere?' Have a go at the activity below:
Picture News at Home

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