Maths homework - WB 21st September 2020

L Galton - 20 Sep 2020

We have been learning about place value.
For your homework this week, you have a place value game to play. 
The rules:
Each player draws a blank 2 digit by digit addition calculation. (eg. ____ _____ + _____ ______ =         ) .
Take it in turns to throw the dice. After you have rolled the dice, you need to put that digit in one of the blank spaces. Throw the dice four times each until all of the blanks are full. Complete your calculations. Whoever gets closest to 100 is the winner.
Use your math's homework books for your working out. If you haven’t got any dice, there are lots of online dice apps you can download for free.
Maths Homework Books:
Please can you cover the homework books (with a poster, wallpaper, etc.) so that they don’t get damaged. Please feel free to be as creative as you want. 
Times Tables
Please practice your times tables at home. If you have any interesting ways of learning and remembering them (e.g. songs, patterns etc.) then could you write them down in your homework books?
Our focus this half term is the 3 x .
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