Week Beginning 18th May

Mr Butler - 17 May 2020

Hello Centaurs, 

I hope you are all well and have had great weekends. I really enjoyed our zoom chat on Friday, I hope you did too.  This should be the last week of the half term. Hasn't it flown by? I hope you have enjoyed the home learning activites, I am really looking forward to seeing your purple books. Here is this week's home learning activities for you to have a go at:


Follow this link for all the video lessons: 
  -Week 5 Video Links.pdf-  

Lesson 1:
Tenths and hundreths (please see the alternative lesson below if you have already done this, but it might be a good revision session if you were not too sure last time!)
  -Lesson 1 Worksheets.pdf-  
  -Lesson 1 Answers.pdf-  

Lesson 2: 
Equivalent Fractions (part 1)
  -Lesson 2 Worksheets.pdf-  
  -Lesson 2 Answers.pdf-  

Lesson 3: 
Equivalent Fractions (part 2)
  -Lesson 3 Worksheets.pdf-  
  -Lesson 3 Worksheets-V295880428.pdf-  

 Lesson 4: 

Fractions greater than 1 
  -Lesson 4 Worksheets.pdf-  
  -Lesson 4 Answers.pdf-  

Alternative Lesson:
  -Y4 Week 5 Alternative Plan.pdf-  
  -Lesson 1 - What is a fraction_ 2019.pdf-
  -Y4 Spring Block 3 ANS1 What is a fraction_ 2019.pdf-  

Do you fancy being a world record holder? You do, I hear you say. Well you could be. Times Table Rockstars are doing a world record attempt for the most correct answers in one minute. Follow the link below, if you would like to try:


This week for spelling, I would like you to have a look at the statutory words.
  -Statutory spellings for year 3-4-V295880880.pdf-  

  • Choose a set of words (between 5 and 10 - don't overload yourself) that you have not used before.
  • Find out the meaning (use a dictioary, an online one will do fine). Write out the meaning in your own words,
  • Put the word into a sentence.
  • Use the spelling strategies you have learnt at school to learn these (Grown ups: please email me if  you want any suggestions of strategies.)
  • Get your grown up to test you on the words (The best way to do this is to say the word, repeat the word again in a sentence and then say the word again.)
  • If you make any mistakes, look carefully at where you went wrong and practice that part.

This week would have been a writing week in school. This week's writing activities are based around the animated film 'Once In A Lifetime' - it's brilliant, One of my favourites! 
Follow the link below to access the film and the activities, alternatively you could write a story of the film. If you choose to do this remember to plan, draft, edit and publish like we would at school.
  -Once in a Lifetime KS2 Activity Pack - KS2 Activity Pack.pdf-  

Don't forget, if you have any questions regarding your home learning; you would like to share some work you are proud of or you just want to say hello then please get in touch. I will respond to emails as quickly as I can. 

Have a great week. Stay safe and take care, I miss you all!

Mr Butler


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