20th April 2020

19 Apr 2020

Hi 4/5R,

I hope you are all doing well and had a lovely Easter. Hopefully you are all ready to get back to work!  I have attached some activities and mini projects in art, science and history for you to be getting on with below.


We are going to have a look at some forces over the next few weeks.  We will start by looking at how forces are pushes and pulls, reviewing work you have done lower down school.  After this read through the powerpoint which introduces gravity.  Gravity was discovered by a famous scientist called Sir Isaac Newton.  Your mission is to create a fact file about Isaac Newton, try to find out as much information as you can about the great man!

  -Forces pushes and pulls Powerpoint.pptx-  

  -Push and Pull forces worksheet.docx-  

  -Gravity and Isaac Newton.pptx-  


Last term we looked at the Industrial Revolution and how it affected life in Britain.  As part of this we investigated canals and why they were built.  This week I would like you to create a double page spread about a local canal - The Leeds-Liverpool canal.  Read through the information on the PowerPoint to begin your research.  Open the word document to find some links to useful website about the canal and try to answer the questions on the fact find worksheet.  Use the information you find to create your double page spread.  There are some examples of double page spreads (about different subects) on the PowerPoint to give you an idea about what I'm looking for if you haven't created these before.
There is a quite a lot of work here so I will give you 2 weeks to complete this. Take your time and try to create an eye catching piece of work!

  -Canals PowerPoint and Task Instructions.pptx-  

  -Web links Leeds Liverpool canal.docx-  

  -The Leeds Liverpool Canal Fact Find.docx-  


Open the Word document and read the instructions.  Watch the YouTube vide by Art John and try to create a piece of art using perspective.  The video show you how to draw two different pictures.  Either pick your favourite to draw, or you could even try both.

  -Perspective Drawing with Art John.docx-  

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