W/C 27th April

26 Apr 2020

Hi 4/5R,

I hope you are all doing well and working hard at home.  I'm looking forward to seeing all the work you have been doing when we get back to school.  I have uploaded some more activities below to keep you busy in the upcoming week.


We will continue our work on forces this week looking at friction in particular.

Activity 1:  L.O. To describe what I know about friction
Read through the PowerPoint and write a short paragraph explaining what you have learnt about friction.

Activity 2: L.O. To investigate friction on different surfaces
Experiment - If you can, try to do the experiment at home.  Read through the instructions on the PowerPoint and watch the BBC Bitesize video to help you.  There is an experiment sheet provided for you to write up your experiment on.  If you can't print it off, just follow the template and write it up into your books.

Activity 3 - Science Puzzle - Read through the puzzle.  Can you work out how to 'stick' the books together.  If you try it at home, be careful not to damage the books.  You don't need any other equipment e.g. glue, celeotape etc to complete the task, and you don't need to damage the books in any way.  I will post the solution to the puzzle on the website next week.

  -Friction PPT.pptx-  

  -Investigation Sheet.docx-  

  -Science Puzzle.pptx-  

Theme - History

Continue with last weeks task - making a double page spread about a local canal.  Try to make your work as eyecatching as possible with some good, colourful illustrations to go along with your writing.
In case you need an extra challenge, I have created a guess the invention quiz below.  Look at the pictures of the inventions from the industrial revolution and try to guess what they are or you may try to use the internet to find them.  I will upload the answers next week!

  -Guess the Invention.docx-  


Perspective Drawing part 2.  Use what you learnt last week on perspective drawing to help you with this weeks challenge.  Watch the YouTube video and try to create a cityscape using perspective.  Notice how the artist draws lines to the vanishing point in her drawings, creating a 3D look.
Add some colour to your drawing to make it really stand out.

  -One Point Perspective.docx-  


We are going to look at some of Jesus' teachings and how they inspire Christians and values today.  This week we will look at forgiveness and why it is important to be forgiving.  Read through the Powerpoint and watch the video of the parable of the unforgiving servant.  Then complete the task at the end of the Powerpoint.


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