WC 4th May - Wider Curriculum

03 May 2020

Hi 4/5R,

I hope you are all doing well and have had a fantastic weekend!  I have included some activities below to keep you busy over the coming week.  We will begin a new topic in history - The Kingdom of Benin and continue to look at friction in science.
I've also attached some information and activities to help you celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE day on the 8th May (you don't need to do all of these activities! Just chose any you would like to do).

V.E. Day
Read through the PowerPoint to help you understand what V.E. day is and why it's an important anniversary.  You could try out some of the activities at the end of the PowerPoint or some of the other activities I've uploaded below.

V.E. Day Information PowerPoint:

Learn a Song:
Many songs were sung on V.E. day.  Here are the lyrics for some of them.  You could look the songs up on YouTube to hear them being sung by people.
  -VE Day Song Lyrics.doc-  

Write a diary entry:
Use the PowerPoint to create a diary entry, imagining what it was like on V.E. day.


Make VE day bunting:
The BBC have put together a page to commemorate VE Day by creating bunting
  -BBC Great British Bunting.docx-  
Here are some more bunting templates.

Make a Spitfire paper aeroplane:
Use the template to make a model of a Spitfire!


This week I would like you to practice your shading techniques.  Watch Art John's video (there's a link on the document below) and have a go at some of the exercises.

  -Art John - Shading-V294667439.docx-  

  -Art John - Shading.doc-  

We will continue our work on friction this week, looking at how friction can sometimes be useful and at other times not useful.
Read through the PowerPoint first.  There are 2 activities you could try.  A useful/not useful worksheet, or a write up for an experiment on the BBC Bitesize website (follow the links on the PowerPoint).

  -Friction Part 2 PowerPoint.pptx-  

  -Friction Part 2 PowerPoint.ppt-  

  -Useful not useful friction.doc-  

  -BBC Bitesize Experiment.doc-  

Here is the solution to last weeks science puzzle and also another puzzle for this week.
  -Science Puzzle Solution from last week and a new puzzle.pptx-  

History - The Kingdom of Benin
We will begin our look at the history of a culture outside Europe - The Kingdom of Benin. This week we will find out where the Kingdom was and some important events through the Kingdom's history.

  -PPT The Kingdom of Benin L1.ppt-  

  -Activity Sheet Mapping Africa.doc-  

  -A Timeline of the Kingdom of Benin.doc-  

This week we will continue to look at some of Jesus' teachings and how they influence Christians today, Read through the PowerPoint and try to answer the questions.  Watch the video of the parable of The Good Samaritan and complete the storyboard.
  -PPT - Love and The good Samaritan.ppt-  

  -The Good Samaritan Storyboard.doc-  



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