W/C 11th May

10 May 2020

Hi 4/5R!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoyed the sunshine last week. Hopefully you all managed to celebrte VE day last Friday as well. Here are some activities to keep you going over the coming week.

Science - L.O. To investigate air resistance

This week you will be learning about another force – air resistance!
Read through the information PowerPoint (play it through in slideshow mode).
Choose one activity (or both if you have time) to complete – there is a worksheet to test your knowledge and an experiment to test how fast paper helicopters will fall. There is a PowerPoint with instructions on how to do the experiment (follow this step by step), a template to make your helicopter, and an experiment write up sheet to fill in as you go.
If you have any problems making the helicopter you can watch this YouTube video which may help you - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTakrjE9yCo
Also here is another video of some children doing the experiment which might give you some ideas to think about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEz6HmIY6Wg

  -Air Resistance Information PPT.pptx-  


  -Helicopter experiment Instructions PPT.pptx-  

  -Helicopter Drop Experiment Sheet.doc-  


History - L.O. To investigate the beliefs of the Benin people and their art

Last week we began to look at the Kingdom of Benin.  This week you will learn more about their beliefs and their incredible art.
Read through thr information PowerPoint (use slideshow mode).  There is a short worksheet to go along with the PowerPoint.

  -PPT Benin religion and art.pptx-  

  -Benin Religion and Art Worksheet.doc-  

Bonus Task - Can you draw one of the art works in your book?  You could use the shading techniques from this week's art lesson to shade your drawing.

Art - L.O. I can use different shading techniques
This week, continue to develop your shading techniques.  Read through the short PowerPoint and watch the videos.  Then experiment with the different techniques on the shading circles worksheet.

  -Shading PPT.pptx-  

  -Shading Circles Activity Sheet.pdf-  

  -Shading Objects Activity Sheet.pdf-  

Extra challenge - Draw an object from around the house e.g. an apple. Practice shading your drawing using the different techniques.  Which one do you prefer? If you have drawn one of the pieces of Benin art, you could practice shading that instead.

L.O. To understand Jesus' teachings on love and forgiveness

In the Bible Jesus taught many things through parables - simple stories to illustrate a lesson.  This week we will look at 'The Parable of the Lost Son' which tells us about some of Jesus' thoughts on love and forgiveness.
Download the worksheet then watch the video and try to answer the questions in your book.



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