Well-being activities and ideas

10 May 2020


We have been sent some resources by Compass Buzz.  These are designed to help with well-being and to keep healthy minds.  Have a look at them and give them a go if you like.

Sleep - If you're having trouble falling asleep, these activities and ideas may help you.


  -Sleep and Diet.pdf-  


Keeping in touch - It can be difficult when you aren't in contact with friends or family members.  You could keep in touch by writing a letter to let them know how you feel.  Here is a template you could follow.

  -Letter writing - keeping in contact.pdf-  

Staying calm - Here are some activities and ideas for helping you to stay calm.

  -Calming activities.docx-  

  -Breathing techniques.docx-  

  -A menu of self-calm.docx-  

Feelings - These activities help you to explore your feelings, whether you are feeling sad or happy.

  -Feelings Game.pdf-  

  -Feelings Mat.pdf-  

  -Today I am feeling.docx-  

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