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30 May 2020

Hi 4/5R,

I hope you are all well and enoying the sunny weather we are having.  It's the final half term now, tie has really flown by.  Below are some activities to keep you going over the coming week. Try your best with the activities but don't worry if you don't manage to complete all the work.


This term we will be looking at climate zones, biomes and then focus on rainforest later on.  This week I would like you to begin by investigating the different climate zones - where in the world they are and what the weather is like there.

L.O. To name different climate zones and understand where in the world they are.

I have uploaded a short PowerPoint below.  There is a BBC Bitesize video to intorduce climate zones and a few facts about each zone.
There are different activities you could try - you can complete one or more if you like.  The first is colouring a map of the world to show where the different climate zones are. you could then use google maps to identify different countries or cities in each climate zone, or you could create a postcard from any country you like in the world, write about the climate and weather there and try to think of some activities you could do at your location.

  -PPT - Climate Zones.pptx-  

  -Climate-Zones colouring map.doc-  



This half term we are going to be looking at 'Living Things'.  We will begin by looking at the 7 life processes - things that all living things do.
Read through the short PowerPoint and create a poster for one of the life processess. 
If you would like an extra challenge there is also a cut and paste activity where you need to match the life process to the definition.

  -PPT - Life Processes.pptx-  

  -Life Processes cut and paste.docx-  

RE - Generosity

Before half term we looked at a story from the Bible where Jesus teaches us about being generous.  This week I would like you to think about examples of where you have shown generosity and create a 'Generosity Tree'  - Write down examples of when you have been generous on the leaf templtes, cut them out and stick them to your geneosity tree.  There is also a PowerPoint you can look through if you like, to help to give you some ideas.

  -The Generosity Tree 1.docx-  

  -Good To Be Generous Presentation.ppt-  


L.O. To create a piece of Zentangle art
A Zentangle uses patterns and doodles to create art. All you need is a pencil and paper.  If you have them, you can use felt tips or pencil crayons to make your Zentangle stand out even more.
Watch the video clip below to see an example. Try to copy the method by drawing around your hand then splitting it up into different sections.  Create/doodle patterns to fill the different sections.
 Here are some examples of patterns you might want to use.

  -Example patterns.docx-  

If you like creating Zentangles or would like an extra challenge, download the animal templates and create doodle patterns to ‘colour them in’.

  -Zentangle templates extension.docx-  

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