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06 Jun 2020

Hi 4/5R!

I hope you are all doing well.  Unfortunately, the weather has taken a turn for the worse but hopefully it will brighten up a bit next week and give everyone the chance to get outside a little.  I have included some geography, RE, science and art activities for you to try below.  Remember you don't have to complete all the work, just try your best.

Geography - L.O. To understand what a biome is and to describe a biome

Last week we looked at climate and the different climate zones around the world.  The Earth can also be divided up into something called biomes.  These are linked with the climate, but include all the different habitats, plants and animals that live in a particular area.  Read through the short PowerPoint and watch the YouTube videos to discover more about the different biomes.  Use the videos and the weblinks on the PowerPoint to create a fact file about one of the biomes - be sure to include colourful drawings and diagrams alongside your writing.


Science - L.O. To sort living things using a variet of ways.

When studying animals and plants, scientist use different methods to sort them into groups.  This week we will begin to group living things using Caroll diagrams and Venn diagrams.  Use the animal picture sheets to select animals to sort (you could even add some of your own animals if you like).  Can you think of different categories you could use to sort the creatures?

  -PPT sorting animals-V297612601.pptx-  (view the short PowerPoint using slideshow)

  -Animal Picture Sheet.pdf-  

Part 1
  -Carroll Diagram.docx-  

Part 2
  -Venn Diagram.docx-  


This week we will be looking at what Jesus teaches us about the Kingdom of God and heaven.  Watch the YouTube video (on the PowerPoint) of the Parable of the Sower.  What do you think Jesus meant?
After this choose an activity to complete - either retell the story, using the storyboard as a guide or complete the parable journal, thinking about times you may have been distracted or influenced by negative words or advice.



  -Parable Journal.pdf-  


This week we will look at some work by a local artist - Joseph Baker Fountain.
Read through the short PowerPoint below, do you recognise any of the scenes in his paintings?
I would then like you to write a short critque about one of the art works (analyse and talk about it).  Do you like/dislike the painting? Why? What details can you see in the pictures? How does the painting make you feel?
After this I would like you to pick a painting and create your own sketch of it in your book.  Joseph Baker Fountain includes lots of details in his paintings so look at them carefully and try to include lots of detail in your own work.


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