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14 Jun 2020

Hi 4/5R!

I hope you are all doing well and keeping busy.  It looks like the weather may be improving this week, so hopefully we will be able to enjoy some sun.  Please read the importance notice below regarding the questionairre as well as the wider curriculum activities I have included.

End of Year Questionnaire
Below is  a questionnaire I would like you to fill in. I have listed some questions below for you to answer and if your parents could send me a photo of what you have written, that would be great. This will really help with our class memories book and the end of year magazine.

1) What has been your best memory of the year?
2) Which topic was your favourite?
3) Have you been involved in any clubs and if so, which ones?
4) Have you had any responsibilities this year? - School Council, House Captain, Collective Worship etc.
5) What do you think you've improved in?
6) What would you set yourself as a target for next year?
7) What have you enjoyed about home learning?
8) What have you not enjoyed about home learning?
9) What are you looking forward to next year?
10) Which of our school values do you think you show best and how? (You can pick more than one!)

Geography - L.O. Where are the rainforests?

This week we will begin to look at rainforest biomes.   Read through the information on the PowerPoint, there are links to videos to watch about rainforests as well.  Colour in the map to show where the world's rainforests are located and use google maps to locate some of the countries which have them.  If you would like an extra challenge, try activity 2.  Read through the presentation about either Ghana or Honduras and use it to answer the questions about your chosen country.


  -Activity 1 - mapping the rainforests-V298293956.docx-  

  -Activity 2 - Ghana Presentation-V298293975.docx-  

  -Activity 2 - Ghana fact find worksheet.docx-  

  -Activity 2 - Honduras Presentation.docx-  

  -Activity 2 - Honduras fact find worksheet.docx-  

Science - L.O. To be able to use classification keys

Read through the PowerPoint to learn how scientists classify vertebrates.  Try out the two classification keys by identifying animals and writing questions to complete the key.  If you want an extra challenge, try the Go! worksheet, use the classification key to identify the new species of frog.

  -PPT - Classification Keys.pptx-  

  -Identifying Animals Worksheet.docx-  

  -Asking Questions.docx-  

  -Go Challenge.docx-  

R.E.  - L.O: What did Jesus teach us about the Kingdom of God?

Open the PowerPoint and watch the video for 'The Parable of the Great Banquet'.
The people in the parable make excuses for why they could not go to the feast.  There are different activities you could try linked to this, choose 1 or more of you like.  Firstly, you could make and Excuse-o-matic dial using the template below, or you could use the 'Don't make excuses' template to write down some of your own excuses.  Finally you could create an invitation card to ask people to come to a great feast.

  -PPT - The parable of the great feast.pptx-  

  -Excuse-o-matic template.pdf-  

  -Excuses place mat.docx-  

  -Invitation template and blank template.docx-  

Art - L.O. To create a piece of art inspired by Joseph Baker Fountain

We will continue to look at local artist Joseph Baker Fountain this week.  Read through the PowerPoint and look at the 4 new paintings. 
Part 1 - Pick one of the paintings to critique - use the questions on the PowerPoint to help you write down your thoughts about the piece of art.
Part 2 - Joseph Baker Fountain created paintings of local scenes.  Create your own painting of a local scene of your choice.  it could be of our school, a landmark or famous building in Harrogate or Killinghall, or even a scene from a walk you have been on.  There are some ideas and suggestions on the presentation.


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