WC 22nd June

21 Jun 2020

Hi 4/5R,

I hope you are all well and still working hard.  I have attached the work for science and the wider curriculum subjects below for you to have a go at.

Science - L.O. To investigate invertebrates

This week we will be continuing our work n classification by looking at invertebrates.  Read through the PowerPoint to learn some facts about the different groups of invertebrates and watch some of the videos.  There are 3 activities you can choose from.  If you can get out and about, or even just into the garden, you could do an invertebrate hunt.  How many creatures can you find?  Can you record and identify them?  If you prefer you could try the second activity, create a short fact file about an invertebrate of your choice.  You could use one of the invertebrates from the PowerPoint or search for one of your own on the internet.  Draw a picture of your minibeast and describe it's habitat and characteristics.  The final activity you could attempt is to create a large scale drawing of an inverterate.  There are details below to show you how to scale up a picture to create a large drawing.  Remember, you don't need to do all the activities, choose 1 (or more if you prefer)

  -PowerPoint - Invertebrates.pptx-  

Activity 1 - Invertrate Hunt

 Recording Sheet  -Invertebrate Hunt.pdf-  

 Can you identify any invertebrates using the key?  -Invertebrates Classification Key.pdf-  

Activity 2 - Mini Fact File

  -Invertebrate fact file.pdf-  

Activity 3 - Drawing invertebrates

  -Drawing Invertebrates.pdf-  

Geopgraphy - L.O. To understand the features of rainforest layers

We will continue to investigate rainforest this week by looking at the different layers of the forest.  Read through the PowerPoint and watch the videos to learn about the layers and some of the animals that live there.  There is a cut and paste activity for you to try.  Can you match the descriptions to the different layers?  There is also a quiz on the PowerPoint.  Can you learn the actions to represent the different layers?  Use the actions when you answer the questions on the quiz.

  -PPT - Rainforest Layers.pptx-  

  -Rainforest Layers Cut and Paste Activity.docx-  

R.E. - L.O. To understand the Golden Rule

This week we will look at the Golden Rule.  Read through the short PowerPoint to learn what the Golden Rule is.  You could then try to complete the worksheet, or if you prefer, create a piece f art to represent the Golden Rule.

  -The Golden Rule PowerPoint.pptx-  

  -Golden Rule Worksheet.docx-  

Art - L.O. Who was Henri Rousseau?

This week we will begin to look at the artist Henri Rousseau.  Read through the PowerPoint to learn a little about him nd look at some of his work.  Choose one activity to complete from the Powerpoint - either use some of the web page links on the Powerpoint to research Henri Rousseau in more detail.  Use you findings to create a short fact file about him, or if you prefer, you could write a short critique about one of his works of art.

  -Who was Henri Rousseau - PowerPoint.pptx-  

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