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28 Jun 2020

Hi 4/5R!

I hope you are all well.  It looks like the weather has turned nasty, hopefully it will change again during the week, but if not, I have uploaded activities for geography, science, RE and art below to keep you busy.  I hope you all have a good week!


L.O. I can describe animals living in the rainforest
Last week we learnt about the different layers of the rainforest and briefly looked at some of the animals found there.  This week we will look at some of the animals in more detail.  Read through the PowerPoint and follow the links to research a rainforest animal of your choice.  Download the fact file template to record what you find.


  -Rainforest Animals Fact File Activity Sheet.pdf-  

L.O. To know the parts of a flower and their function
This week we will begin to look at reproduction in plants.  We will start by looking at a flower and all its different parts.  Read through the quick PowerPoint below in slideshow mode. There are 3 activities you could try (choose one - you don’t need to do all of them!). You could label a diagram of a flower and match the parts to their job, you could create and label your own flower using the template  below, or you could dissect a real life plant - you will need help from a parent if you want to do this activity though

  -Parts of a flower PowerPoint.pptx-  

  -Labelling flower and functions worksheet.docx-  

  -Model Flower Template.pdf-  

  -Collecting flower parts.docx-  


L.O. What important messages are in the Ten Commandments?
This week we will look at the Ten Commandments.  Christians and Jewish people believe that these are rules sent by God and show us how to live our lives.
Read through the PowerPoint to learn the Ten Commandments.  There are two activities you might want to try.  The first is a ‘Diamond 9’ exercise, where you need to order the Commandments form the most to least important from your point of view.  The second is to create your own set of Ten Commandments in your book.

  -The Ten Commandments PowerPoint.pptx-  

  -Diamond 9 Worksheet.docx-  


L.O. To draw plants in the style of Henri Rousseau

Last week we started to look at Henri Rousseau.  This week, we will try to create some drawings of plants in his style.  Read trough the short PowerPoint and look at some of his paintings again.  There is also a link to a YouTube video to watch which will help you replicate his style of drawing.

  -Draw plants like Rousseau - PowerPoint.pptx-  

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