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11 Jul 2020

Hi 4/5R!

I hope you're all doing well! It's the final week already, the time seems to have flown by.  It was really nice seeing lots of you at the transition events last week, I hope you all enjoyed them!

I have included our final activities for geography, science and RE below.  I gave you 2 weeks to complete the art activities last week, so I won't post any extra work for this subject below (if you need an extra challenge though, try to create your own landscape drawing of a different type of habitat - remember Rousseau never visited a rainforest, he drew what he imagined it might be like - could you use your imagination to create a piece of art like him?)


L.O. To understand some of the effects humans are having on the rainforests

Read through the PowerPoint below (use slideshow mode) and watch the videos.  Think about how humans are effecting the rainforests around the world and what we can do to help save them.  There are two activities to try.  The first is a cut and paste task, sorting statements into positive and negative effects and ranking them according to which you think are the most/least improtant.  The second activity is to make a pledge about action you could take to help protect the rainforests.

  -PowerPoint Protecting the Rainforest.pptx-  

  -Deforestation Effects Activity Sheet.pdf-  

  -Rainforest Promise Activity Sheet.pdf-  


L.O. What do religious stories tell us about temptation?

This week we will be looking at what the bible tells us about temptation.  We will look at two stories - the temptation of Adam and Eve and the temptation of Jesus.  There is a choice of three different activities that you could complete.


  -The Temptation of Adam and Eve worksheet.docx-  

  -Story board template.docx-  

  -The Temptation of Jesus worksheet.docx-  


L.O. To understand the life cycle of an amphibian and an insect

This week we will look at the life cycles of some different animals.  Read through the PowerPoint and look at the linked websites and videos.  Can you create a diagram for the life cycle of a frog and/or a butterfly?

  -Life Cycles of Amphibians and Insects PowerPoint.pptx-  

  -Life cycle of a frog.docx-  

  -Life cycle of a butterfly.docx-  

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