Wider Curriculum - WC 1st June 2020

29 May 2020

Hi 5/6F,

Welcome to the final half term of the school year, it’s crazy to think this school year is almost over, especially as many of you will still be carrying out your learning at home. I hope you all managed to have a nice break at half term and that you spent lots of time enjoying the sunshine!

I have added some activities for this week – the geography will last for two weeks. Remember to just try your very best with the activities and but don’t worry if you don’t get through it all. You must, however, try your very best with your presentation for the work you do carry out.

Finally, remember to be kind to your parents and help them all you can as, even though, restrictions are relaxing we still have to make sure we stay safe.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Foster smiley
LO: To investigate how a prism changes a ray of light to show the spectrum.

We are almost at the end of our topic on light (we will finish it next week). This week I would like you to investigate how the spectrum is formed when light shines through a clear prism. You will find lots of information on the attached PowerPoint investigation. There is a video clip to watch so that you can observe what happens when the light was shone through a transparent prism – if you have one at home you could try it out. Then complete the activity sheet – you can choose either the two or three star activity. The first couple of questions will relate to the video you watched unless you have a prism at home you can shine a light through.

LO: To know about volcanoes and where in the world they can be found.

This term we are looking at volcanoes, earthquakes and then will spend the last couple of weeks looking at how Brimham Rocks was formed. For the next couple of weeks I would like you to investigate volcanoes. There is a lot of information on the attached powerpoint but you could also use books and the BBC video clip I have attached. Following this I would like you to create an informative leaflet or booklet that tells the reader about the structure of volcanoes, the ring of fire and also the good and bad effects of volcanoes.

BBC clip
LO: To develop artistic skills using nature.

This half term your art is going to focus on nature and the outside. This week the inspiration is going to be from the clouds and the sky. I have attached a photo which includes lots of different ideas that you could have a go at. Choose one or two and then do your recording on a piece of plain paper or straight into your purple book.


LO: To recap knowledge of the 5 Pillars of Islam.

This half term your work on RE will all focus on the religion of Islam and what it is like to be a Muslim in Britain today. I have attached a video clip which will remind you about the 5 Pillars of Islam – it is meant for KS1 but it makes the information really clear. I would like you to make notes about each of the Pillars and then answer the following questions – How do these effect the lives of Muslims, moment by moment, daily, annually and in their lifetime? Please answer the question fully in your purple books.

BBC clip

I know some of you have really enjoyed working through the BBC Bitesize activities for music. I have attached the link below for you to continue to use these.

Music Link

Again, I think these are great for you to continue to develop your French skills so I have added the link. If you carry out some of the learning use the title of the lesson as your LO.

French link
Picture News:

This week the Picture News learning is all around the jobs people do. Can you have a go at some of the activity ideas to help you think more about the hard work done by others?

Picture News
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