Wider Curriculum - WC 29th June 2020

26 Jun 2020

Hi 5/6F,

I hope you all managed to enjoy the warmer weather last week. I must say it was really hot towards the end of the week – I am not complaining though as it is better than all the rain.

It is hard to believe that there are only 3 weeks left until the end of the summer term; and the school year! It seems crazy to think that. You have all been doing so well with coping with home learning and I know you’ve been doing the very best you can to complete the activities I have set.

I hope you enjoy this week’s activities and don’t forget I would love your parents to send me some photos of what you have been doing or what you have completed.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Foster smiley
LO: To classify creatures based on their characteristics.

This week the learning will continue to focus on the classification of living things. Using the PowerPoint, you will look at how scientists classify animals and also how the decide where to place new species as they are discovered. You will then carry out a matching activity before having a go at creating your own new species.

Animal characteristics
Curious creatures

LO: To develop an understanding of what Brimham Rocks is.

Over the last few weeks of term we are going to turn our attention to the natural phenomenon that is Brimham Rocks. This week I have put a PowerPoint together for you that explains all about what Brimham Rocks is, how it occured and the importance it holds. I would like you to look through the presentation and make notes as to what you feel are the most important points. These notes will be really useful when it comes to the last week of term.


LO: To develop artistic skills using nature.

This week is all about spirals and snails. As it is going to be quite wet at times over the next week, hopefully there will be plenty of snails about.



LO: To understand the importance of the mosque in Muslim life.

I have attached a PowerPoint below which explains the importance of the mosque to Muslims. Within the presentation, there are a couple of video clips which are really helpful in developing your understanding of the importance.  I would like you to make notes during the session as you will need to use all of the information you have been gathering over the last half term for a final activity starting next week.



I have attached the link again to the BBC bitesize page as I think quite a few of you are enjoying working through the activities.

Music Link

Again, I think these are great for you to continue to develop your French skills so I have added the link. If you carry out some of the learning, use the title of the lesson as your LO.

French link
Picture News:

This week, the Picture News learning is all about why we have statues. Can you have a go at some of the activities from the ideas sheet? Carry them out in your purple books.

Picture News ideas
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