Wider Curriculum - WC 6th July 2020

03 Jul 2020

Hi 5/6F,

I hope you had a good week and are looking forward to completing some new activities. I’m sure you are as surprised as I am that it is July – but I think the weather is going to be kinder this week! It'll be great to see Year 5 on Friday too for the transition session in the marquee!

There are a range of tasks below for you to complete. The RE and Geography is set to last until the end of term so there will be no tasks next week for these subjects.

There is also an additional task for PE set by Miss Daley to take the place of Sports’ Week that we obviously cannot hold this year.

I hope you enjoy this week’s activities and don’t forget I would love your parents to send me some photos of what you have been doing or what you have completed.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Foster smiley
PE – Sports’ Week

Below, you will find all the information you need to run your very own family and house sports’ week at home. Make sure you read through all of the information carefully and submit your scores to Miss Daley by the deadline. It would also be fab if you could send me some pictures of you and your family completing some of the challenges.

Additional recording sheet

LO: To develop an understanding of the different rock formations at Brimham Rocks.

Last week you looked at the history and importance of Brimham Rocks to our locality and this week you're going to be looking at some of the differnt ways the rocks have been carved by nature over millions of years. I would then like you to create a double-page spread about Brimham Rocks and would love to see some examples.


LO: To describe and investigate harmful and helpful microorganisms.

This week you will be moving your learning on from classifying living things to looking at different microorganisms. You will have the chance to look at a range of different microorganisms and then carry out an investigation. I would suggest that you do not need to print out the sheet (there are two different ones – choose the one you feel is most suited to your confidence), just use it as a guide for your writing in your purple book.

Microorganisms investigation

LO: To combine art with chance.

This week I thought we’d try something different and create a Picasso portrait. You will need a dice, a pencil, plain paper and something to add colour (paints, pencils, crayons, felt tips). Follow the YouTube demonstration to understand how to carry it out and most of all have FUN!!!


Video tutorial

LO: To recognise what it is like to be a Muslim living in today’s Britain.

Over the last few weeks, you have been learning about the important aspects of following Islam and how Muslim people go about their life. I would like you to use all of this information you have gathered to plan and create an informative leaflet for people who know nothing about Muslim life and how Islamic people follow their religion in every day life.


I have attached the link again to the BBC bitesize page as I think quite a few of you are enjoying working through the activities.

Music Link

Again, I think these are great for you to continue to develop your French skills so I have added the link. If you carry out some of the learning, use the title of the lesson as your LO.

French link
Picture News:

This week, the Picture News learning is all about first impressions. Can you have a go at some of the activities from the ideas sheet? Carry them out in your purple books.

Picture News ideas
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