English and Maths - WC 30th March

29 Mar 2020

Hi Phoenix,

I hope you're all well. I've been really pleased to hear from your parents that you are working hard and having a good go at the tasks you've been set. I have listed below the tasks I would like you to complete this week. I have added a couple of extra activities just to make sure you are all kept busy - just do your best to get through what you can.

If they haven't already, can you ask your parents to send me a photo of you in your leavers' hoody? I have really loved seeing some of you in them already - love the smiles on your faces showing that you are really happy with your hoody!

Remember to keep working hard and listen to your parents - they are only asking you to do what I have set and you know, at school, you would try your best to complete the tasks I give you. Also, make sure you have a look at First News iHub and Times Table Rockstars websites - I have emailed your parents the links.

Please do all activities in your purple books, where possible, to cut down on the amount of sheets being stuck into your books just like we do in class. You must also remember the long date or short date (just for maths) and to record the LO - underline both with a ruler!

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Foster smiley

English activities


Dictionary challenge

LO: To use a dictionary effectively.

Can you use a dictionary (online is fine if you don't have one) to complete the challenge?  I also want you to write each word into a sentence to show that you understand the meaning.

Homophone challenge

LO: To apply my knowledge of homophones.

Have a go at sharing your understanding of homophones. There are some lovely activities here including one that asks you to apply your knowledge of homophones to your own writing.


Non-fiction reading comprehension

LO: To use evidence from a text to display understanding.

Can you read the text about volcanoes and answer the questions in your purple book? Remember to think carefully about the detail needed and answer in full sentences where you can.


Advertise your town

LO: To write persuasively.

Have a go at planning and writing a piece of persuasion to encourage people to visit Harrogate and the surrounding area. Think carefully about the language you use and how you would 'sell' the town to newcomers.

Maths activities

*I have attached a PowerPoint and PDF as I know some of you couldn't see the whole text from the PowerPoint last week.*

Problem Solving and Reasoning - PPT
Problem Solving and Reasoning - PDF

LO: To apply knowledge of fractions.

Please complete at least four of the attached activities using your knowledge of fractions. 

Take One Number

LO: To investigate with numbers.

Can you choose one of the attached tasks and have a go at investigating your chosen number?

Would You Rather?

LO: To explain reasoning.

Read the attached question and write a response to it clearly outlining your reasoning.

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